Wet N Wild’s Spoiled Nail Polish Swatch in Use Protection

Today I have the last and final polish of the blue set seen HERE

Spoiled Use Protection Nail PolishUse Protection

“Use Protection” is a rainbow glitter packed extravaganza suspended in a sheer blue jelly base. Much about this polish immediately makes me think of jellyfish. While the glitter is decently dense, it is much more sheer than I would like.

If it weren’t for that “VNL” (visible nail line) still seen in the first few coats, I would find the sheerness of this one specifically to be extremely pretty. I think it has good potential as a topcoat over an opaque neutral.

Spoiled Nail Polish Swatch4 thin coats, 1 coat simple topcoat

Spoiled Nail Polish SwatchesSpoiled Nail PolishSpoiled Wet N Wild Nail Polish ReviewWet N Wild Spoiled Nail Lacquer Line

Of course this polish also had Spoiled’s typical big giant mop brush which presented some minor application challenges, however; this time I finally got one of those infamous stragglers!

This bristle wasn’t cut the right length and had to be removed by me.

This polish is decent enough however it’s not my favorite. There were no major issues to speak of; all around average on dry time, finish, etc. I think I’ll use it to experiment with different layering techniques until I find the perfect way to wear it.

Very soon I will publish an Entire Spoiled Collection Swatch Gallery post. Not only will that be fun for me but informative as all of the swatches (only need a few more polishes until I have the whole line) will be in one post and in one place. You’ve heard it here first, folks!


  • Jessica says:

    I am all about glitter and teal/turquoise/blue, so when the two are put together, I get excited. Put them together in a $2 bottle of polish and I just about lose control! I can’t wait to see if the Walgreens out here in “Cow Town”(aka Laveen) carries this fancy little gem!

    • Jennifer says:

      Only at cvs! Iv looked trust me lol!!! But I love these polishes n brushes. Big hands lol much easy for me to applie

  • shasta says:

    Very pretty

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