Wet N Wild Magnetic Nail Polish Swatch and Review

I recently caught word of Wet N’ Wild’s release of their very own, limited edition, magnetic nail polish line and just a few days ago I stumbled upon the brand new display at a CVS…

Wet N Wild Magnetic Nail Polish Pictures

See Swatches and More After the Jump!!

Wet N Wild Nail Polish MagneticWet N Wild Magnet Polish

I picked up three to show you:

“A Force To Be Reckoned With”: A frosty pink lilac

“I Won’t Repel You”: A copper brown

“Bad For Credit Cards”: A dirty platinum gold, the most sparkly of the bunch

WetNWild Magnet Polish

The magnets are built into the cap, described as “BONUS magnet on cap!”  …as opposed to the necessary magnet required to make this polish work.

The magnet is 1″ long and sits diagonally in the cap, in it’s own little ditch. This provides a nice cavern for your nail to rest, using the cap to rest on your nail and perhaps on the table if you rest your finger at an angle. It definitely isn’t as easy as the Nails Inc magnetic polish magnet which offers a cuticle rest and I found myself pretty constantly bumping the magnet onto the wet polish.

Wet N Wild Magnetic Polishwet n wild magnet nails

There is no clear indication where to place your nail, other than the indention of the magnet in an oval, nail-like shape.

Where the magnet lines lie:

Label Instructions:Wetnwild magnet nail polish swatch

I was all ready to make some comments on why Wet N Wild hates magnet polishes, until I realized that having the word attractive in quotations is actually a play on it’s magnetism.. touche, WnW!

On to the swatches!

Wet N Wild Magnet Nail Polish“Bad For Credit Cards”

Wet N Wild Bad For Credit Cards Magnetic Nail Polish

At extreme angles, the lines show up dramatically:bad for credit cards magnetic polishWetnWild Magnet Nail Polish

Out of the three colors, this one would place second in how strongly the pattern shows up. It is the most “sparkly” and such a gorgeous color just in it’s self:

wet n wild magnet polish gold

“I Won’t Repel You”Wet N Wild Magnetic Nail Polish Swatch

This color produces the most intense lines of the three. (Do you see my pinkie? It’s *that* contrasted in person, even more-so.)

Wet N Wild Magnetic Nail PolishWetNWild Magnetic Nail Polish SwatchWet N Wild Magnetic Polish I wont repel you

(Doesn’t this remind you of the fancy special edition flavor Hersey Kiss wrappers??)

I adore this one and find it to be the one most worth the money. My favorite color would be the dirty gold, but you can’t beat the intense contrast “IWRY” offers.

“A Force To Be Reckoned With”Wet N Wild Magnetic Nail Polish

In contrast to many other magnetic polishes, I don’t see much blackened color in the patterns. They appear to be darker and lighter shades of one other (aside from the above; “IWRY”).

“A Force to be Reckoned With” offers the least amount of contrast, and despite it looking pretty good in these pictures, I would recommend it last of the three. (Yet again, funnily enough, another I initially thought I would like the most from judging it in-bottle.)

Wet N Wild Nail Polish MagnetWet N Wild Nail Polish PicturesWetNWild Magnetic A Force To Be Reckoned Withwet n wild magnetic nail polisheswet n wild new magnetic polishes

I wanted to test the quality of the polish using a Nails Inc magnet cap (the fishnet cap seen HERE)

Super. Impressed.

Magnetic Fishnet Polish

In fact, there is so much Iron in the Copper, you can see where the main two points (on my index finger) have turned that blackish color I was mentioning earlier. So much iron was pulled, it not only packed intensely but actually raised up!

(Something that could be both felt and seen from the side)

I have to note how much I loathe the cheap material used in the labels and bottles.

Just from the one time use and photographing, my labels have actually worn off. (See the above bottle photos)

Upon accidentally bumping the magnet against the wet polish, you have to clean it right? Non-acetone nail polish remover eats away at the cap even in the smallest amounts.

What appears to be scratches in this picture, are actually from a dry-damp towel that was briskly and gently wiped over it. You can see how the dye and plastic is transferring to the terry cloth and, yes, these are now permanent scratches.


What do you guys think? I personally regret the lilac but love the other two!

Wet N Wild Magnetic Nail Color is available at CVS, Rite Aid and other various drugstores.

They retail for $4.99/polish. Bottles are .33 fl oz/10 ml. (China Glaze Magnetix is .50 fl oz/14 ml. Nails Inc Magnetic Polish is .33 fl oz/10 ml.)

So far, this is the only magnetic pattern that is being offered.



  • KD says:

    Wet n Wild is on sale this week at Rite Aid, 40% off. I might have to pick up the copper and gold.

  • Gretchen says:

    I was initially wondering if you had loved these so much that you had lovingly stroked the labels until they rubbed off. Ha!

    • Christina says:

      Lolololol I’ve missed your hilarious comments!

      With that visual, you know they totally could make a LOTR epic about nail polish.
      The ring could be… well it could be any really highly sought lemming. Clarins 230? Magnetic polish with a bendable magnet? (Or snarky and say Lynnderella. Highly sought but so powerful it can turn evil..)

      • Jessica White says:

        Oh good gawd this is funny ish!

        But seriously, I have noticed the label issue with any WnW polish that has that chrome ink…a la WildShine, Chrome Collection, etc. Boo on you, WnW!

  • Wow. This is the first time a magnetic polish has even remotely interested me. Nice :-)

    • Christina says:

      They’re pretty impressive, right?
      Based on my assumptions about them, on the way home I was joking with Mr. NB about how I was going to write this post.
      The winning opening was “So are you guys ready for a bunch of crap???”

      And then I actually gave them a shot… I’m so in love with “I won’t repel you”‘s Hersey Kiss wrapper effect.

  • Lily says:

    I was lucky enough to find a new display too! I was so happy I *almost* did a happy dance right there in the store but the people that work there already think I’m weird because I buy so much polish, lol. So I saved the happy dance for later…

    Right now I’m having a sad though! I only had enough money to pick up six of the eight colors in the collection. The two colors I didn’t get were I Won’t Repel You (because I thought it looked like Color Club/Finger Paints Cop An Attitude which I had already) and Bad For Credit Cards. I am kicking myself so hard right now for not getting Bad For Credit Cards! It’s amazing!!! *wince* I hope so much that it is still there tomorrow because I am totally going back for it. I Won’t Repel You looks totally different than Cop An Attitude when magnetized so I hope to pick that one up too. I should know by now that when I’m lucky enough to find a whole set of a collection that I love to just buy the whole thing or the missing colors will come back to haunt me, lol.

    Your swatches are GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for posting these! :D

    • Christina says:

      Let’s go polish shopping and do our happy dances together and REALLY give them something to talk about!!

      Have you tried any of the others?? I’ve been so tempted (especially with all of the recent drugstore sales) to go back and buy more.

      >>that when I’m lucky enough to find a whole set of a collection that I love to just buy the whole thing or the missing colors will come back to haunt me. <<
      THIS. So much, this. I feel that about practically every collection- especially Halloween collections. They come around every year and every year I think “oh it’s just the usual; some glitter/glow in the dark/black & orange, it can wait” When will we learn?!?

  • Amanda says:

    Uhhh the fishnet pattern looks WAY BETTER with these polishes!!

    • Christina says:

      Mind blowing right? Low end + high end = perfection. Just proves that balance is always best! So safe to say we found the trick to optimal fishnet.

  • Jen says:

    I got my the other day before reading this post. I only bought it because it’s $5 and it seems fun. The lines look more apparent under light… and I screwed up on a few fingers. Oh well. ;)

    • Christina says:

      One thing I forgot to mention is that shaking these actually did help! I applied them all and got barely any patterns at all… but at the last second decided to try again, just to be fair. What you see in these pictures is that second attempt after I shook well and was using the windowsill to ensure that I didn’t move even a mm. So glad I gave them another shot- they work consistently for me now since.

  • linda brack says:

    just purchased Can’t Resist Your Magnetism from CVS. Followed directions, but nothing happened. Could it be because I applied a clear base coat first? How do I contact this company? thanks

    • Christina says:

      I can imagine if you applied the clear base coat first, and it wasn’t 150% dry, that could very well effect the magnet effect. Magnetic polishes work by drawing iron particles together, and if there is something hindering their movement (like being applied to something tacky), they might not be able to be moved easily by the magnet. I experienced no staining and zero damage so I would suggest trying it again without the base coat as an experiment.

      I also noticed that with these polishes that I had to be faster going from second coat to the magnet cap than other magnetic polishes I now own. Something else I noticed was that, while usually movement of the magnet causes the lines to become very blurry, these ones not only would become blurry but the effect would be lessened if I wasn’t sure to hold very still. Considering my results using this polish and the Nails Inc cap, it’s safe to conclude the Wet N Wild’s have a weaker magnet and therefor need all the help they can get in the application. I also hold the magnet over my polish for 40-60 seconds on each nail. I read on all of these magnetic polish instructions that “it’s just a few seconds!” but that seems like a marketing ploy. It’s been my personal experience that at LEAST 40 seconds of holding the magnet over the polish on each nail is absolutely necessary.

      The only other advice I can think of is to also be sure your first coat is 150% dry.
      Perhaps try an experiment keeping all of the above points in mind, and then if it doesn’t work I would return it if I were you. Boo :(

      Here a link to contact WnW:
      Although it is the store you purchased from that would be responsible for the refund and not the distributing company. (Unless the store refuses to reimburse you)

      Some more googling may produce a physical mailing address if you don’t get satisfactory results using the above online form.
      I purchased these polishes on my own and have no affiliation with WnW nor do they send me products so this is the only method of contact I know of!

      Hope that helped!!

  • angii says:

    Hello.i tried one of these nail polish.it did not work.why?i know I did it right.

    • Christina says:

      The Wet N Wild magnets are kinda tricky, I may try to do a post with more in-depth pictures using those magnets…

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