Target Cos Bar Nail Polish Swatch in BRONZE

I dropped by Target over the weekend where I saw a very stylized, very stocked and very bright end-cap featuring “the Cos Bar by Target”.

This is a line featuring items such as tweezers, soap, nail files, shower gel, lotions, even makeup remover wipes and travel cosmetic bags. Everything is leopard print and everything is in shades of yellow, green, orange, purple and blue. The price-point ranges from $1.00 (double sided nail files) to $20.00 (a hanging roll-out organizer bag).

Here is a brief from the Target website:“Where Aspen flirts with fake lashes and real beauty.”

..whatever that means.

The line also features four nail lacquers priced at $3.00/each.

The bottles are unlabeled, but the official colors are:


I think it should be noted that, from what I’m seeing, the website colors and descriptions are pretty off.

My personal breakdown:

Lime Green- The Target website shows this as yellow. In person, it is a very strong acid-green. Even the picture above shows it more yellow than it actually is. It is a very artificial color, true to the description of a shimmery acid green, and is extremely sheer. The sheerness of most of these is why I only purchased one out of this line.

Purple- Again, one that is super, super ridiculously sheer. I would also describe this color as very “artificial looking”. It is a mid-range purple with very strong blue tones and blue iridescence.

Copper- I have no idea why they called this one “Copper”. I had to double and triple check to make sure I was seeing that right as this one is simply unfiltered orange. It is also extremely sheer and artificial looking, fitting in very well with the others. It’s so sheer though, I can’t even imagine how many coats it would take to cover a VNL without a base. *EDIT 5/15* Vampy Varnish has now posted swatches of these HERE, and her Copper was much more opaque. I believe this may be a quality control issue, because the bottle I played with was not*

Bronze- This is the one I purchased and have swatches of today. Not even close to as sheer as the others. I describe it as the love-child of root beer and pennies. Imagine a red cocoa base filled with gold and silver shimmer. The end result is a rich, root beer, copper, loveliness.


Target Cos Bar Nail Polish Swatch“BRONZE”

Target Cosbar brown nail polishtarget cos bar brown nail polish


All swatches are of three medium coats, finished with an Ultra Pro basic topcoat. No base.

Cosbar Nail polish swatchCos Bar Nail Polishtarget nail polish cos barCos Bar Bronze Nail Polish Swatches

Check it out in bottle:

And Full, Direct Sun where “bronze” lives up to it’s name:

The brush was pretty standard. I didn’t have any problems with brush-strokes, bubbles or even dry-time. This polish performed great when it came to that criteria. The only problem I had was I found the formula to be a bit thin. If I wasn’t careful, I would experience pooling around the nail bed. I also think that $3.00 for .33oz from a Target line is a bit overpriced.

..But it is a delicious color.

Target Cosbar Nail Polish Swatch


  • Susan says:

    What a shame the other shades are sheer. This one has lovely dimension.

    • Christina says:

      It really is such a shame! I was super excited, particularly for the green, until I got a better look at them. I’m tempted to go back and give the others a second shot (perhaps over bases) ….

      Thanks for the comment, love <3 :)

  • Carolina says:

    thanks a lot!

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