rainbow honey nail polish

Rainbow Honey Sneak Peak V.3

Rainbow Honey Holiday 2012 Sneak Peak3 Coats “Gilded Angel”, in sun

Rainbow Honey launches the holiday 2012 collection Dec. 5th!

Pre-order at RainbowHoney.com

Rainbow Honey Limited Edition “The Yokai Collection”

Rainbow HoneyRainbow Honey Nail PolishThe Yokai Collection


Rainbow Honey Swatch & Review of “Mare of the Moon”

Equestria Collection Nail Polish Swatches

**Warning! Picture Heavy!**

“Mare of the Moon – A deep and mysterious indigo polish with a violet color shift and a sprinkling of silver moon crescents and holographic glitters.”

Part of the “Equestria Collection” from Rainbow Honey comes…

Rainbow Honey Mare of the Moon“Mare of the Moon”

See more pictures and review of “Mare of the Moon”, after the jump!!

Rainbow Honey Mare of the Moon

Rainbow Honey Swatch & Review in “20% Cooler”

RainbowHoney Swatch and Review

Ah, yes. Let me (re-introduce) you to 20% Cooler.

Not only does this seem to be the most popular pony (just google fan art- wowza) but it seems this is a polish that has struck everyone’s lemming list.

Are you ready to get ice-cold?

Part of “The Equestria Collection” comes a polish inspired by the one and only Rainbow Dash and is about to school you in cool…

Rainbow Honey Nail Polish Swatches“20% Cooler”

See swatches, macro and more after the jump!!

Rainbow Honey Swatch & Review in “The Element of Magic”

Is everyone ready for some more Rainbow Honey?

Rainbow Honey Collection

Today I am so excited to present

The Element of Magic Nail Polish“The Element of Magic”

See swatches, macro and more after the jump!!

Rainbow Honey “Hoof Wrassle” Swatch and Review

Continuing on with the Rainbow Honey “Equestria Collection” (first post seen HERE which will open in new window), I have an impressively complex orange lacquer to show you.

From the Rainbow Honey “Equestria” collection comes “Hoof Wrassle”.

Rainbow Honey Nail Polish“Hoof Wrassle”

See swatches and more after the jump!!

Rainbow Honey “A Little Kindness” Equestria Collection Swatch & Review

I thought long and hard about the best possible way to present the (truly) incredible collection from Indie company “Rainbow Honey”. You all know how much I love pictures and with 8 shades that are WAY more versatile than I anticipated, it might literally be impossible to put it all together without having servers crash. Every server. All over the globe.

So I’ve split up the collection into a series of 8 posts. (Actually 8+ and counting as it may end up being many more than just the base 8. They’re that cool).

I’m also going to go against the grain and actually start this series with my favorite of the collection:

Rainbow Honey Nail Polish“A Little Kindness”


Rainbow Honey My Little Pony Nail Art

This should be clickable for super-super-big view! DO IT, DO IT!

So any guesses as to what this could be?

Fight Zombies!

Part of your donation will go to equipping my dog with shoulder missiles.

Lots of them.


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