Serum No5 Swatch and Review “Peachy Keen”

Serum No. 5′s recent debut introduced us to a DontStopCantQuitIt glow in the dark lacquer called “Day Glow”, which by judging how quickly it has sold out I believe it to be several of your guys’ party spirit animal, plus pink mermaid dreams in “Spring Into Love”, and even a mint that is in fact To Be.

Prepare yourselves because today I’m bringing in the NUDITY! (minus “ity”)

Gold glitter, warm fleshy nude, iridescence and more..

Now let me take you further into the potion cabinet to present you this Serum…

Serum No5 Peachy Keen‘Peachy Keen”

See if you are keen on this one after the jump!!

Peachy Keen Serum No 5 LineSerum No5 Nail Polish LineSerum No5 Polish Swatches

“Peachy Keen” is an opaque lacquer that features:

-Large Warm Gold Hexes

-Medium Warm Gold Hexes

-Iridescent Micro Glitter

All suspended in a base that is a generous mixture of gold micro-glitter and warm fleshy nude.

I love the added gold micro-glitter (which I’ll show you close-ups later of it’s contribution to this serum)

Macro-shot:Serum No 5 Peachy Keen(clickable)
And another that is not color accurate but shows the iridescent glitters flashing, in bottle:Serum No.5 Nail Polish

Two macros for one? I have to do something to make up for being sick and thereby boring.

This polish is a two-coater and offers phenomenal coverage:

One CoatSerum Number 5 Review

It does have texture if you do not use a top-coat. Pictures to show it’s texture:

Two CoatsSerum NO5 Nail PolishSerum No.5 Nail Polish Line Review

One Coat of Seche Vite smooths that right out.Serum Number 5 Nail Polish

Two Coats Serum No.5 “Peachy Keen” topped with One Coat Seche Vite TopcoatSerum No.5 Peachy KeenSerum No.5 Nail Polish Peachy KeenSerum No 5 Indie Polish

Isn’t it rich looking?Serum No5 Nail PolishSerum No.5



Serum No.5 Nail LacquerTopped with one coat NYC Matte Coat

Serum No5Serum No5 Swatches

Serum No.5 Indie Polish

As far as layering it is too opaque as is to layer over dark shades, such as black or cobalt. It could layer over dark shades if you add a few drops of thinner however I’m leaving mine as is so I can wear it by itself!

As is it is layer-able over lighter shades, such as white or pink.

Serum No.5 Polish Swatch

One coat “Peachy Keen” over three coats of China Glaze “White on White”Serum No.5 Nail Polish in Peachy KeenSerum No 5 Nail Polish LineSerum Number 5

Serum No.5 can be found at Serum No.5 SHOP and FACEBOOK

Did I mention Serum No. 5 is also dedicated to the ever-wonderful Make A Wish Foundation?? 20% of all proceeds are donated!
(No, Really! Check out her Facebook for the proof/receipts!)

Serum No 5 Nail Polish Line

I will be doing a wrap-up post of all the polishes, however to see swatches of other colors you can click on the picture below:


*The product in this post was provided to me by the company or a PR representative in exchange for my honest opinion and review.*


  • Kimmy says:

    These are so gorgeous!! I wish they were cheaper though :(

    • Christina says:

      She does offer minis ;)
      I’ll also keep you posted if she does a sale or other type of promotion in the future!
      Thank you for the comment, love :)

  • Rosy says:

    Your blog is aaaammaaazzing! I love it! I love how detailed you are and above all, the different swatches with different nail colors. You’re doing an awesome job!

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