Serum No.5 Swatch & Review of DAY GLOW!

***I am not affiliated with nor am I the owner or creator of this brand, if you wish to contact Serum No.5 including regarding this polish and where to buy, please see and***

If you have followed the Serum No.5 line since it’s recent debut, you will have noticed how quickly she has sold out (and is about to restock any day now!!) a lacquer called “Day Glow”.

And there is good reason for this.

Get out your glowsticks, sunglasses and house/trance/breakbeat/D&B/electronica/powerpop/glam/halloween music/mad scientist lab/astronomy kit/everything you need to prepare you for the best glow nail lacquer I have ever used.


Serum No 5 Day Glow Glow in the Dark Nail Polish“Day Glow”

You will want to see after the jump on this one…

Meet “Day Glow”.Serum No5 Day Glow Polish

I would ask him to say hello to the rest of the class, but I need you all to put your sunglasses on first.

This little guy was once only offered as a mini. Like many Pokemon who posses his rare abilities, he has evolved.

Now not only is “Day Glow” offered in the small size, but the full size as well!! Glowworms rejoice! …or the opposite. I’m not sure what they use to make this stuff O.O

“Day Glow” is a polish on the thinner side, that dries SUPER, super quick and super matte.

Here is one coat:Serum No 5 DayGlow

It is super easily build-able which is great being that it’s a yellow base and that builadbility is needed to cover streaks.

Three Coats:Serum No.5 Day Glow Polish

And one thick fourth coat to even it all out:Serum No 5 Day Glow

From here, I simply walked into my hallway. I did not hold the polish up to any light, I did not charge it, I did nothing. I had full natural sun light coming in from the front, and artificial light coming from a room to my left as well as a room to my right.

I could see the light!!

(hopefully you can too.. it may be one of those that isn’t able to be captured on film)

Serum No.5 Love Lacquer Day Glow PolishIt was at this point that I knew it was going to be good…

Are you ready for it after sundown?
Serum No5 Day Glow Nail Polish ReviewIt can get so bright I think this stuff would even protect you from vampires!
Serum No 5 Nail Polish Swatches Day GlowGlow in the dark nail polish swatches“Day Glow” glows yellow-green.

Serum No5 Day Glow Polish

And in dusk-esque lighting:Serum No.5 Day Glow Nail Polish

Still holds it’s own like you wouldn’t believe!

Serum No 5 Nail Polish Swatch

Here’s a little comparison to another Glow in the Dark polish I own.

This is equal coats, equal “charge time”, everything is “equal”.. except for the quality that is..Serum No5 Day Glow Nail Polish“Day Glow” on my pinkie, middle, and index.


Serum No5 Day Glow Nail Polish

And a little fun with some inspiration from the glow in the dark ceiling stars we all had (or wanted) as children:

Serum No5 Day Glow Nail PolishDay Glow Nail Polish SwatchesSerum No5 Nail Polish Day Glow Swatches Review

Some Serious Pros:

*While every glow in the dark polish I’ve tried takes EONS to dry (from 20 mins to hours), each coat of “Day Glow” dried in seconds for me.

*Crazy, intense wearability. When these first arrived in my mailbox, I instantly put this one on Mr. NB’s thumb. He is such a good sport. I wanted to see how it would wear, and how the glowing properties would fare through that time as well. And who are we kidding, I do NOT wear a polish more than two days. So *obviously* he had a duty and a responsibility.

He wore it for two weeks until he said it was time to get rid of it. In those two weeks, it did not peel nor chip nor show wear other than the obvious cuticle area growth. It also remained glowing until the day I took it off him. Those entire two weeks when it came around bedtime, I would see a floating thumb walking through the room. I should have knick-named it “Headless Nick” or something punny. You know I like puns!

*Simply wearing this polish out and about is enough to “charge it”. No special measures need to be taken (though extra charging does make it blinding).

*It holds its charge far, FAR, far longer than the other three glow in the dark polishes I compared it with.

*Does not need complete darkness to glow!

*Top coats do not seem to affect the properties of the polish. Using both Seche Vite and a basic Ultra Pro glossy topcoat, I saw no change in effects.

Convinced yet?

Check out the Serum No. 5 shop:


and the Serum Facebook:


(the above links will open in new windows)

The always super lovely and very creative lady behind Serum No.5 and this blinding lacquer, also donates 20% of proceeds of the entire Serum No.5 line to The Make A Wish Foundation every month.


To see my swatches of other Serum No. 5 lacquers, you can click the picture below!!

Serum No 5 Day Glow Nail Polish Love Lacquer


  • Jessica says:

    The stars are so fun! and TOTALLY reminds me of the glow in the dark stickers I had as a kid! WOO HOO!!

  • Gretchen says:

    Oh yeah, I’m sooooo convinced. This blew my mind!

  • Serum No. 5 says:

    Goodmother you’re so creative! I wished I thought of doing the stars :)

  • Camila says:

    OMG, want! Oh, and the nail art you did is awesome. Very appropriate for glow in the dark nail polish!

  • Tiana says:

    Wow I need this as well. I work in a casino as a dealer, where it’s dim out on the floor. This would be so fun for me and the guests. Especially on Friday nights. And working with my hands I need long wear time.

  • Amanda says:

    I NEEEEED THIS!!! Perfect for raves…untz untz untz!

  • Lauren says:

    Can I ask how you did the stars and heart? They look so perfect. :) Also, I’m dying for this polish but alas, it is sold out.

    • Christina says:

      Oh, Lauren, I love you. I drew on the stars and dots with a toothpick and black polish. For the accent finger I cut stars out of scotch tape and used them as stencils, peeling the tape up before the black was dry. I was pretty nervous/disappointed thinking I did such a wonky job! So thank you!

      As for the heart, this time I cheated a bit. It’s a nail decal/small sticker painted with black polish! The same effect can be done with paper punches and tape (or scissors and tape like I did with the stars) if you have more time. However with a thick topcoat, they pass for one another.

      She is also restocking all of her polishes tomorrow, August 17th :D

      • Lauren says:

        Wow thanks! I need to try this sometime.

        Also thanks SO SO SO much for the heads up, I just bought a full size bottle of Day Glow! Can’t wait to get my nail mail! :D

  • YAY I just snagged a full-sized bottle of this stuff! Paid a PRETTY penny, but it looks so awesome, I had to splurge! Perfect for Halloween! And your accent stars are totally faboosh! I was wondering how you pulled that off, too! :-)

  • Frosso says:

    Holy crap, thats the best glow in the dark polish I’ve seen ever.

  • heather says:

    How do i buy the day glow or any kind in general??

    • Christina says:

      Hi Heather!

      You can purchase Day-glow here:
      But I know she is in the middle of another re-stock after selling out. From the looks of it I believe she will be restocking as early as next month :D

      You can keep updated on the actual next restocking date through her FB here:
      As well as this blog, where I let you guys know/posted a post right when she restocked as well as posted a link and notification on my own FB and twitter:

      As far as “any kind in general”? While there are a few other companies that make glow in the dark polish, it really isn’t a common staple/core line item. You usually see special edition glowing polishes around Halloween. If you’d like I can point you in the direction of one website that I know of that does sell glow in the dark polishes year round but they are nowhere near as quality as this one and do not glow very brightly. Just let me know and I’ll email you the link.

      Hope that helps!

  • asiah says:

    I couldn’t believe it good job nothing is like it i am just like you everyone complains that i take my nail polish off like after one day because it peels or looks crappy but i love this one its like a dream come true :D :( I’m going to cry lol my parents just don’t understand the quality of great nail polish.I will recommend it to a friend and more!_!, my nails will stick out from the dull ones :D THANKSS…

  • asiah says:

    Please tell me where to get it guys I really want it thanks

  • asiah says:

    you are a role model too me sorry for like typing so much

  • asiah says:

    can i add you are a genouse and i really wish i was so creative

    • Christina says:

      Thank you! I really believe everyone is creative and many people just don’t realize it. I don’t feel like I am and every-time someone comments mentioning that I am I can actually feel myself blush :P

  • asiah says:

    can you please respond to my questions please pweease… -_- :( :/

    • Christina says:

      Hi Asia,
      I am not on the site and it is not my full time job. So there are long periods of time where I am unable to check the comments. I typically check the site 1-3 times per day and update/do work on the site once per day. So don’t worry, I will reply/address all comments with questions within 48 hours!

      You can find the entire Serum No.5 Line, which includes this “Day Glow” nail polish and the other you commented on “Pastel Ways”, at the Serum No.5 website. I am not affiliated with the line in any way- I’m just showing you pictures and providing a review of the (awesome, gorgeous) line.

      This is a link to her website:

      Hope that helps, love!

  • asia hall says:

    :( my name is asia like the continet not Asiah, Asiah is ghetto :(

    • Christina says:

      Hi Asia! :)
      If you take a look at your previous comment entries, your name was entered “asiah”. This is a direct copy/past from previous comments left before: “asiah”

      I’m so sorry if you were offended, I meant no offense- I was literally just addressing your name as it was written on my site. My best friend in seventh grade was actually named Asia! cool! If you would like, I can go in and edit your previous comments to how you want it spelled?

  • Nichole says:

    Where can I buy this glow in the dark polish

    • Christina says:

      Hi Nichole,

      You can purchase Day-glow here:
      But I know she is in the middle of another re-stock after selling out. From the looks of it I believe she will be restocking this glow in the dark polish as early as next month :D

      You can keep updated on the actual next restocking date through her FB here:
      As well as this blog, where I let you guys know/posted a post right when she restocked as well as posted a link and notification on my own FB and twitter:
      I don’t know the official restock date but my best guess is somewhere between 9/5-9/20

      Hope that helps!

  • asia hall says:

    thanks for responding lol.The name thing is not a big deal :b im in seventh grade TOO yippe

  • asia hall says:


  • asia hall says:


    • Christina says:

      Don’t worry, she is planning on restocking it this month! I’ll let you know when she does. I’m guessing she will have more made around Sept 15th or so (but I am not positive on that date)

  • asia hall says:


    • Christina says:

      Hi again Asia!
      No I did not make this collection, nor do I have any affiliation with it. (Meaning not only am I not involved with this company in any way but I am also not paid nor do I make any sort of monetary or other profit by posting about this company, wearing their polishes or directing people where to buy it, etc)
      This website is simply a blog website (created and moderated by me) that is intended to show, promote and share my love for nail polish. Some companies send me product to review for them, other times I purchase the nail polish myself. Serum No.5 company contacted me to send me samples of their line for me to review, I loved it, and have taken pictures and shared it with my readers. I don’t make nail polish now, I’ve never tried! BUT I have thought about it…. I know I’m not the only one who dreams about how cool it would be to do that and all the many different combinations that are possible. I thought so seriously about delving into the nail polish business that I calculated the costs (hundreds on hundreds of dollars just to start, ouch) but I’m still not sure if I would ever do it. For now, I’m happy to leave nail polish creating up to the professionals!

  • autumn says:

    hello I was trying too get some one that glow I went too that site and I didn’t see any is there anyway i can find some or is there anything but I would really love if you emailed me back on my email thank you :)

    • Christina says:

      Hi Autumn,

      She is in the middle of a restock right now, meaning that she usually sells out within days of restocking the shop of the day glow polish. I do not know when the exact date of the next shop restocking but I do know it is in September, possibly any day now. If you need further information or would like to contact the actual owner of the brand, please go here: OR her facebook:

      That is where you can contact the owner of the brand, including about further information regarding day glow! I do not have any different information nor am I affiliated with the brand nor can find it for you. I am simply someone who has passed along pictures of it! So definitely contact the brand via the two above links going forward as she is the one that will have the answers to questions such as this!

      Hope that helped :)

  • Janice says:

    These swatches are AWESOME!! :) I’ve always wanted to try a glow in the dark nail polish, but I’ve never seen one with such a vivid glow! Can’t wait ’til it’s back in stock. Would the glow effect work as well if it were layered on top of another color or is it better on its own? For the stars, did you do those freehand or used a stencil?

    • Christina says:

      Well in order for this polish to look it’s absolute best, one does have to do the minimum of 4-5 coats and make a few of those coats of decent size. I have seen a few swatches of this with only two coats and it doesn’t capture the incredible, full amazing potential of this polish. So if you don’t want to, or are unable to, use at MINIMUM four coats? Then you can lay down a white base (I typically use China Glaze “White on White”) and use 1-2 coats over that.

      ..this would also save you polish making it last longer, too! So that’s always good.
      I haven’t tried layering this over any other colors, but I will make myself a notation to make a post for you exploring other/all possibilities of “Day Glow”!!
      (which is still the best glow in the dark polish I have seen! Woot!)

      For the stars I did both. For the large stars, I cut a stencil out of scotch tape and for the smaller ones and dots I free-handed them on with a toothpick and black nail polish!
      Thrilled you like the swatches, love :D

  • Oh my god!!!!!!! I need this polish. I might die if I don’t get it. Did you use a base/top coat??

    • Christina says:

      Hi there! I did not use a base coat, however you could use white in order to use less coats of polish. I did use a glossy topcoat for the pictures/review.

  • Shari says:

    I was just wondering.. Does this polish still glow properly under a coat of the gel top coat, the kind that has to be dried with a UV lamp? I always use that kind of top coat, because my polish chips so easily. I have terrible nails.. heh This would be great for my nieces too, on Halloween, so we can always see them. ^_^

    • Christina says:

      I’ve never tried that, but I was really surprised that normal topcoats didn’t affect it at all! Plus the UV light might turbo-charge the glow effect!! ^_^ Let us know if you try it!

  • natalie says:

    what store in mn can i get this nail polish at

    • Christina says:

      Hi Natalie! Right now Serum No. 5 is only available online (via the link in this post). I wish I could just walk down to the corner drug store for this!

  • [...] SUPER excited to finally have this polish in my hands. Ever since I saw this review by Christina of, I wanted to get this polish. The glow-in-the-dark aspect of the polish brought back childhood [...]

  • brejanee says:

    were can i order this??

  • keyonna says:

    I wanted to know if its ok to put top coat on?

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