Butter London Holiday 2012 “Scuppered” Swatches

Butter London HOliday 2012 ScupperedFrom Butter London’s Holiday 2012 Collection, “Scuppered”

scuppered is a form of:

scuppered, past participle; scuppered, past tense; scuppering, present participle; scuppers, 3rd person singular present

1. Sink (a ship or its crew) deliberately

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Butter London Lacquers

Meet Butter London’s Holiday 2012 Collection*. (*^up above, not my pic) Lots of interesting contendors here today. Today I have for you the one know as “Scuppered”. Which, I have to admit, the definition of this word made me appreciate this polish more.

Butter London 2012

“Scuppered” is one that, especially in artifical Ulta lighting, does not really know which way it wants to go. One way it looks tingy green, then copper, then brown, then pinky brown. With large green hex glitter, is it a holiday polish or is it a rusty sunken ship? Hm….

Butter London Holiday 2012

Butter London Scuppered Swatch

Butter London Scuppered Polish

Butter London Scupper Nail PolishButter London NaiL PolishButterLondon Scuppered Lacquer

While I have seen other blogs who mention coverage as being decent (2 coats? In your dreams!), I found it to be thinner than expected and needing four coats to reach full potential.

Four coats “Scuppered”, no top coatButter London Scuppered Swatchndon Scuppered PolishButter London Scuppered

Butter London Scuppered SwatchesButter London Scuppered Review

While this polish is not duo-chromy, it does show interesting tinges at certain angles. Looks a little greenish below, jah?

ButterLondon Scuppered Swatches ReviewButter London Scuppered

Full sun:

Butter London Scuppered SunButter London Scuppered in Sun

Holiday 2012 Butter London

Verdict? I am not so sure. To be honest, how it appears in bottle set SUPER high expectations for me. ..and I should know better than to trust the amazing, flattering, super shiny lighting of department stores where they’re trying to get you to buy. all. the. things.

It is pretty, and [kinda]dfferent, but to me it’s not SO different to fully justify my purchase. In most lighting it just looks like a brown to me. ..And browns are not my favorite.

Recommended? If you like browns and coppers then YES otherwise don’t expect too much color out of this one. The majority of other colors, such as the green hexes, aren’t extremely visible unless inspected closely or in just the right light.

Butter London Holiday 2012 Collection retails for $14 and can be found at various retailers including Ulta and their own website ButterLondon.com.


  • Jeanatte says:

    I love this color. The hint of green is a nice touch.

    • Christina says:

      :D <3

      That was the clencher when I was in the store!
      (Just wish that actually translated to nail better instead of the predominant brown)

  • Laura says:

    It looks gorgeous in the bottle, but in most pictures I’ve seen it just comes out looking brown (except for in extreme close-ups). Your swatches are always lovely though. :) I think if the red and green were more obvious on the nail then I would have to have it!

    • Christina says:

      YES. I couldn’t agree more.

      Honestly, if you’re not into browns? I don’t recommended picking it up.

      It’s a pretty shelf ornament though? I guess..

  • Elizabeth says:

    Your amazing photography might be even more dangerous than Ulta lighting for making me want All The Things! Seriously, this look so beautiful, and I do love warm, brown polishes. Rosy, not so much, but it looks like the cute, little hints of green really offset it nicely! At least in macro mode. ;)

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