Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “In a Flurry” Swatch & Review

Sally Hansen In A Flurry Swatch“In A Flurry”


Check out the flaky duochrome shimmer purple flash goodness AFTER THE JUMP!!

Sally Hansen Fall 2012 In A FlurrySally Hansen Insta-Dry Insta-Dri Flurry

“In A Flurry” is a lacquer offering a blackened-gray-teal base packed with flaky duo-chrome bits that shine dark green, blue, teal, silver, gold, yellow plus a pop of vivid purple shimmer throughout it all! PLUS? PLUSPLUS! an over-all, very subtle, duo-chrome sheen that emphasizes the green/teal leanings. It really is a flurry!!

BODY SHOTS! (not that kind)Sally Hansen In A Flurry Swatch(clickable)

While I have had nothing but pretty decent experience with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in the past (co-bolt blue is <3), it has been YEARS since I purchased one and I think the quality of the brush has gone down substantially since my last trip into this line.

What “IAF” greeted me with was not just a mop but a mop that was wide and WARPED (the actual full length of the brush, not just the tips) but also the jagged ends.


“IAF” on the left, a Revlon brush on the right.Insta Dry In A Flurry Swatches(clickable)



The formula also surprised me. I expected something fairly thick and opaque, however that is not the case with this polish. Thinner than anticipated, almost runny.

On this note it does dry decently fast… but with coats that are thin and polish of these properties (fleck, flake) is that really that unusual or special? I don’t think so.

ally Hansen Fall 2012In A Flurry Nail PolishSally Hansen In A Flurry Nail PolishSally Hansen InstaDri Flurry Nail Polish Swatches(clickable)

3-4 coats to reach full opacity and this polish’s full potential.


Sally Hansen In A Flurry Polish(flash and full sun)
Sally Hansen InstaDry In A Flurry Polish(full sun)
Flurry Fall 2012 Nail Polish Sally Hansen(clickable)

This one was so hard to photograph!! Or perhaps I think it was the time of day that I took the pictures because there looks to be so. much. washout… I apologize for the sub-par pictures.

BUT one thing I can tell you which is both awesome and makes it easy is that this is a nail polish that totally transfers from bottle to nail. What you see in the bottle is what you are going to get on your nails. Love when that happens!

“In A Flurry” is a limited edition Sally Hansen polish you can find at various drugstores on their Fall 2012 display.

The display I picked this one up featured slots for only TWO polishes per color. While there is more in the back (I’m sure) I grabbed both “Flurry”s that I saw. (If you frequent the Walgreens across from LeeLee’s in Chandler, AZ- IT WAS ME. MUAHAHAHAHA)

So this would be another rare instance of a polish that I bought back-ups of. I don’t know if it’s because it’s so pretty or because it’s such an awesome, unusual home-run for the Insta-dry line…

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “In A Flurry” retails for $4.99 (but there are some awesome deals such as many drugstores currently featuring a buy one get one 50% sale).





  • Marjorie says:

    I love this polish, I just wish that the brush wasn’t so horrible. I don’t think that’s enough to keep us apart though.

  • Tiana says:

    I’m kinda torn on this one> i kinda want it, but kinda expected a little more. Thanks for the great review as always

    • Christina says:

      You’re so welcome!

      I love it but… I know what you mean. After all of the excitement of the new polish wore off I was left thinking “did I really need to buy the second bottle?” I love it and it’s absolutely gorgeous but I’m not sure if it’s back-up material. …If that makes any sense.

    • Sarah says:

      THIS POLISH ROX!!!!! I love it so much! These pix are great but it is Dso much better in person!!!! TRUST ME. =0)

      • Christina says:

        It is a pretty great polish! I definitely recommend anything semi-interested to mega-interested to pick it up.

        And on the other note, I DID actually figure out what was wrong with my camera and why the pictures in this post and the few posts afterwards haven’t been up to usual standards. Not only did I figure that problem out but found out this whole time I have even better quality settings and a better macro setting!! How did I not figure this out years ago? Derp. So stoked to do swatches this weekend with my new found settings!

  • rmcandlelight (nailsbeautiqued) says:

    Wow! This polish is amazing and a must have. I have to hunt it down :D

  • Lisa says:

    Im surprised how opaque it is even with second coat. I have 2 of those, and the brush is amazing!!!

    • Christina says:

      Lol, Lisa!
      We’re like opposite wonder-twins on this one!
      I’m glad your brush worked out well. The brushes in my (years) old Insta-Dri’s are prefect so you musta got one of the good batches!
      Thank you for the comment, <3

  • fishgirl182 says:

    i almost bought this the other day but the brush and bottle i hate so bad. i put it back. it looks beautiful though.

  • Camille says:

    The new Fall python print Elf line has a polish that is extremely similar to “In a Flurry”. I actually found an untouched display of the new Sally Hansens at Rite Aid yesterday & went reaching for “In a Flurry” but put it back because I knew I already had something dupe-ish. BTW the Elf one is readily available @ Target, is opaque at one coat, comes in a super cute python printed bottle, stinks like a nuclear disaster, but is only $2!!!!!!!! :D

    Oh yeah, I think the Insta Dry purple microflakie one has also been duped by ELF, & there might be even more dupes for the SH line.

    • Christina says:

      I’ve never even seen Elf polishes!! I got to Target all the time and it’s never there, I’m writing an angry letter! ;)

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