Sally Beauty Clearance Alert

Over the weekend spotted the entire China Glaze “Glitz Bitz ‘n Pieces” collection on clearance at Sally’s – $2.69/bottle!

Glitz Bitz 'n Pieces Swatch

China Glaze GlitzGlitz Bitz 'n Pieces$2 .69/Bottle – not bad!

Grafitti glitter“Grafitti Glitter”

An emerald green hex glitter in small, medium and larger size accompanied by black bars and black hex glitter in small, medium and larger sizes.

Scattered and Tattered‘Scattered & Tattered”

A rosey pink hex glitter in small, medium and larger size accompanied by black bars and black hex glitter in small, medium and larger sizes.

Glitz Bitz n' piecesChina Glaze Grafitti Glitter

An older collection from January/February 2013 so not new news however a bit of a rundown on performance -

Chunky. Not terribly so, but the positive of that means good coverage. Mainstream lacquer companies seem to have such a hard time getting their glitter to give good! While I love this collection, I do also wonder why mainstream lacquer companies feel the urge to put bar glitter in 3/4 of their “unusual” glitter polishes. Curious..

While Sallys are typically independent and their variety, let alone clearance, varies it’s a good reminder to check it whenever you stop by!




  • KD says:

    I would love these if it wasn’t for the bar glitter. I was so disappointed when they came out. My nails are so curved, long bar glitter ends up looking like hair stubble all over my nails. NOT attractive. :( The super short bar glitters are ok (like in Right Amount of Evil by Orly)

    • Kelley says:

      Bar glitter = same problem. I still got a bottle but I don’t like bar glitter.

      • Christina says:

        BOO! I completely understand people’s avoidance of it. One of the only bar glitter lacquers that I *LOVE* is from FrankenFrosting and that’s actually the reason I love it – little spider legs everywhere! It’s one of those ugly-you-love-it relationships.

  • karen amorim says:

    Amazing polishes! I like their colors but they’re kinda expensive here in my country, gotta search for cheaper alternatives for this beauties. I love CG’s glitters in general, they’re gorgeous and with good coverage, as you said.

    • Christina says:

      That’s such a shame! I’ve heard similar stories – brands such as Revlon, that we can easily find for $4/$5 a bottle go upwards of $30 in some countries! INSANITY.

      ps. you have a fabulous website banner!

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