Revlon Scented Treats Collection Swatches & Review

Macaroons? Light Candy Colors that include a mint-esque/seafoam shade? Chemical inhalation? Count me in!Revlon

From the Revlon Scented Treats Collection, today I present to you

Revlon Scented Treats Swatches“Mint Gelato”, “Fig Jam”, “Strawberry Cream”, “Apricot Pastry”

See if you can smell them through your monitor, after the jump!!

Revlon Scented Treats SwatchRevlon Scented Treats Collection Macaroons

Have you ever wanted to smell like you’re scarffing away on sweets in the closet when no-one’s looking? Let bears and other woodland creatures know how tasty your hands might be? Need to add a little something special to your nose picking routine?

Ok. Yes, there are a million snarky snarks that could be snarked about scented nail polish. And I had them all, snorting away, while at the store picking these up. ..But I was pleasantly surprised! As they say: don’t knock it til you try it!


Revlon “Scented Treats” was a collection release for spring 2012. This collection consists of eight “flavors”: Apricot Pastry, Fig Jam, Lemon Meringue, Raspberry Scone, Sugar Glaze, Mint Gelato, Cherry Bon-Bon, Strawberry Cream. 


Each smelly color comes with a scratch and sniff sticker so you can test before you buy. But who are they kidding? Scratch and Sniff stickers haven’t worked since I was nine. Sniffing the results of these stickers makes me want to call my nine year old self a fat fibber with an overactive imagination. Or maybe I’m just old and can’t smell anything other than those things I can furrow my brow at disapprovingly.

But I chose the four colors I couldn’t swatch without and trekked home all the while sticking the bottles up my nose.

On to the Specs!

All eight colors definitely follow a theme although “Fig Jam” could be called the odd man out. Not only are the other seven colors jellies, and he is not, but he also contains tons of flecky golden shimmer. Different formula, different finish.

Revlon Fig Jam

The consistency was good and what I expected from jellies. “Fig Jam” was a “sleeper” and is opaque at ONE coat! Although I think he looks best (more “solid”) at two coats.

Revlon Scented Treats Swatch ReviewOne Coat Each

Coats until Opacity:

“Fig Jam”- 1 Coat

“Mint Gelato”- 3/4 (depending on the thickness)

“Apricot Pastry”- 3/4 (opaque at three, however subtle streaks. Additional coats needed to even these out)

“Strawberry Cream”- 3 Coats

Revlon Scented Treats Collection“Mint”- 4 Coats, “Fig”- 2 Coats, “Apricot”- 4 Coats, “Strawberry”- 3 Coats

“Mint Gelato”, 4 Coats, No Top-CoatMint Gelato Nail Polish Swatch

“Fig Jam”, 2 Coats, No Top-CoatRevlon Fig Jam Nail Polish

“Apricot Pastry”, 4 Coats, No Top-Coat

“Strawberry Cream”, 3 Coats, No Top-CoatRevlon Scented Treats Nail Polish


YES. These are scented. I have to caution you that you not only will be tempted to smell it out of the bottle and immediately upon application, but you will smell it when it’s still wet. When this polish is wet it smells like sugared chemicals. It is very sweet and strong but extremely unnatural. When these lacquers dry, however, the chemicalness of the smell subsides substantially and they really smell pretty damn good. Crazy, right? They also are distinctly different from one another, something else I did not expect.

They smell strong enough that I had people who were sitting close to me mention smelling something “really good”. (I’m a big “hand talker” so maybe that has something to do with it. Wave your hands crazily in someone’s face to waft the good smelly air their way.)

The scent lasted for a full 48 hours, which at that point it did fade away. You can still smell the polish through a topcoat. *Interesting note: Upon removal the scent returned and lingered for an hour or so. This time however it smells like it’s mixed with the smell of an eraser. Weird?*

Keep in mind: It is nail polish afterall – I’m surprised they make this at all!

Revlon Scented Treats Collection

“Apricot Pastry”- Buy a bag of sugared peach gummy slices. Throw away the candy. Press the wrapper to your face and inhale deeply. That’s what this polish smells like. (I think there’s a career in perfume marketing in my future) It’s peachy, apricoty, whip creamy.

“Mint Gelato”- This one is minty and chocolatey. A fresh mint and “warm”.

“Strawberry Cream”- Jack in the Box strawberry milkshake. (Or maybe McDonalds, I know Jack in the Box is big on premium ice cream shakes now) Interesting note about this one is there is the after-smell that real strawberries have in their after-smell as well. Leafy? Seedy? (Nailed it.)

“Fig Jam”- smells like delicious. (they all are, actually)

Revlon Scented Treats Collection Polish

If you haven’t noticed, I did not use any top-coat in the swatch pictures.

These babies dry so, super glossy!

It is imperative that you ROLL these bottles and not shake prior to application.

I know that’s kind of like the advice people give when they tell you to wear sunscreen and drink water, but these formulas seem to give you lots of bubbles if you shake prior to application. (Bubbles that you brush on, not that form afterwards)

Revlon Scented Treats Nail Polish

I like ‘em.

If you like sweet nothings and jellies, check them out now as they are limited edition!




  • Jen says:

    hohoho. they look fun. i think i have seen them at the shop, but didn’t buy them. ;)

    ps: i saw your add request on my twitter, that is my personal boring account, which i don’t use very often, so i added you with my ylbb twitter, will you add me back on that one instead?

    • Christina says:

      Yes, totally! Yay! I still stumble around and try to figure out the whole twitter thing, so when I saw “pending” I was like huh? what? I broke the internet again.

  • Emmi says:

    I have been lurking for a while now, but this post made me want to pop in a say…yum! I’ve been staring at these yummy colors, but the idea of these being scented kept turning me away…now I think I may have to add to my collection…

  • Tiana says:

    Need to add a little something special to your nose picking routine. I swear you make me giggle on every post. These are really cute. I think I may pick up two

  • Gretchen says:

    I have a bottle of an old scented Revlon, Pretty In Papaya, that I really like. I’m totally feeling these jellies, too. I don’t care how cheesy scented polish seems I really dig it. I want to be like Mary Katherine Gallagher from SNL and sniff my Fig Jam laden fingertips when I get realllllly nervous. Yuuuuummmmmmm.

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