Revlon POSH Nail Polish Swatch & Review

You’ve met Revlon “Royal”, now meet Revlon “Posh”.

Revlon “Royal” is an incredible cobalt blue jelly true to it’s “Royal” name.

(Review and swatches for this polish can be seen HERE)

I picked up the two of these when I was on the hunt for the OPI Spiderman Collection. They were two polishes that I had on my wishlist for a very long time, and both ended up living to my high expectations.

Revlon “Posh” is different. Unique. A primary green that reminds me of fox hunt needlework pillows and makes me feel like I should be wearing argyle in London. So for me, personally, I find this one’s name very fitting.

Revlon “Posh”Revlon Posh Nail Polish Swatch and Review


Revlon Posh Royal SwatchesRevlon “Posh” and Revlon “Royal”

Revlon Nail Polish Posh SwatchesRevlon Posh Nail Polish

POSH gives good formula. This primary green is an opaque cream which covers VNL in two coats. It is the usual Revlon bottle, with the usual Revlon brush.


Primary Green Nail Polish Revlon PoshRevlon Posh Nail Polish Pictures

All swatches are of two coats, plus one coat Seche Vite Topcoat.

Revlon Nail Polish in Posh

Wear-time was also excellent, although that’s always incredibly individual from person to person.

  Revlon Nail Polish Posh

What I loved most was how extremely self-leveling this formula is. That’s the only pick-up line a polish needs. It dries fast, is about one shade darker on nail than in bottle and is hyper-pigmented (but does not stain!).

Revlon Nail Polish Posh Blog SwatchPosh Nail Polish Swatch

So I give two very, tea drinking, fish and chips eating, argyle loving, fox hunt sock wearing, poshly sophisticated and stylish thumbs up.

Revlon Nail Polish Posh Swatch PictureRevlon Nail Polish Swatch Picture Review


  • Gretchen says:

    Oh, yeah, mama like! Did you get any of the Spiderman Collection colors in the end? I’m still debating about Just Spotted the Lizard. If you have it maybe you could swatch it for us.

  • Betty says:

    That green is amazing! I’ve been wanting Royal but now Posh must join it on my wish list!

    • Christina says:

      I highly recommend it. It just looks so different, especially on the nail.

      PS. Yay, Betty! I’m glad you commented. I was literally just thinking about your blog yesterday. Somehow a ton of my bookmarks got deleted so now I can find you again :)

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