Revlon “Just Add Sparkle” Collection

Today I have two lacquers from Revlon’s Limited Edition “Just Add Sparkle”.

A collection that appears to bring us many more Deborah Lippmann dupes and plenty of appeal.


“Midnight Sparkle” & “Brilliant Bordeaux”

RevlonRevlon Just Add Sparkle Collection“Just Add Sparkle”

See swatches and more after the jump!!


Revlon Just Add Sparkle PolishRevlon Holiday 2012

Up first….

“Midnight Sparkle”

A supposed Deborah Lippmann’s “Lady Sings the Blues” dupe.

A seriously opaque deep blue base filled with tons of small and large silver hex.

Revlon Just Add SparkleRevlon Midnight SparkleCome on now. That is just GORGEOUS, right?!

And seriously opaque. Here is just ONE regular coat of “MS”Just Add Sparkle 1 Coat
Two Coats “Midnight Sparkle”, NO top-coatRevlon Midnight Sparkle SwatchRevlon Just Add Sparkle Midnight SparkleRevlon Midnight Sparkle Swatches
..And in full sun:Revlon Sparkle 2012 Nail PolishRevlon Midnight Sparkle Limited Edition

Next up is “Brilliant Bordeaux”

Now if you can successfully explain to me where they saw “Bordeaux” in this, I’ll send you prize.

Never the less, it is another stunner.

Briliant Bordeaux SwatchRevlon Limited Edition Briliant Bordeaux

A heavy storm of fuchsia icicle glitter and larger holographic icicles amongst a flurry of small round reddish plum and small matte black glitter.

Now I initially thought all of this was in a clear base so naturally I layered this over white to truly show this polish’s properties.

Little did I know…

One Coat “BB” over basic white polish:Briliant Bordeaux Swatch Revlon

Shut the front door.  So what I initially thought was simply a layering polish.. turns out to be something to be worn all on it’s very own.

Two Coats “BB” over basic white polish (no topcoat):Revlon Limited Edition Briliant Bordeaux 2 Coats over White
Three Coat “BB” over basic white polish (w/topcoat):Revlon Brilliant Bordeaux ReviewBrilliant BordeauxBrilliant Bordeaux Polish Swatch
Sunlight makes this polish look even more complex:Revlon LE Brilliant BordeauxRevlon Holiday Sparkle Limited Edition


I immediately marked both of these polishes in the must own category even before finding out that “Midnight Sparkle” is an apparent Deborah Lippmann dupe.

**Manicurity has a phenominally rad post featuring this comparison along with the other dupe from this collection (a gold glitter that may be spot on to Lippmann’s “Boom Boom Pow”). Check out her post HERE! **

Verdict? Yes. Need. You must have.

I purchased mine at Ulta a few weeks ago on a BOGO sale. YES – those Ulta sales on all Revlon are not only practically bi-monthly but usually include the brand new Limited Edition collections too! Score.



  • Tiana says:

    Great post. I want both now!

  • Angie says:

    Okay, great post!!! I’m still drooling :)

    I think they named it Bordeaux because of the deep base + red micro glitter. That, or because its a pretty big buzzword at the moment ;) .

    But seriously, I NEED Bordeaux, and I never want bar glitter! Like, EVER!!

  • Spooki says:

    UGH wish that Revlon midnight one was available to me… bought Pure Ice French Twist (blue glitter in black jelly) and the consistency is pure crap, goopy, bumpy, gross. I have Revlon Scandalous/ Facets of Fuchsia and it always applies lovely. Although I like the blue in black better I’ll trade it for silver in dark blue if it applies as nice as Scandalous.

    I HATE bar glitter (it always pokes up through top coat)but that polish is SO PRETTY. :[

  • Jeanatte says:

    Wooooow.. BB so pretty!!! Must get!

  • Emma says:

    Thanks so much for linking to my post :D This one is pretty rad, too!

  • Delphi Michaels says:

    Hi. I just stumbled across your blog. I love all the nail pictures and your website’s design. Will you be coming back to your blog? Thank you.

  • Donna says:

    Christina, I enjoy your blog immensely. This appears to be your last post. Are you no longer updating your blog? I think you have the most visually appealing blog and I would love to see more posts!

    • Christina says:

      Hi Donna <3

      Thank you so much for your comment! Oh boy, not sure where to start. The only constant is change and oh man – change it’s been. Bought a house/getting married/immense changes in my job (investor take-over blechness) leaving it very hard to keep my own sanity and peace there/which has now led to me leaving and pursuing other opportunities/and now a few weeks long cough (Mr. NB actually got me to go to the Dr which I haven’t been in 10 years!) which left me from bad to worse.

      What has not changed in the slightest: every single time I go by a store I still stop in and check out the nail polish specifically with this blog in mind. I absolutely constantly find myself saying “I have to share this!” or even buying and hoarding things away specifically for reader appreciation giveaways. I suppose sometimes it’s also well suited justification ;) (“No, you see, Mr. NB – by buying me these 10 new bottles despite having just purchased some last week you are contributing to the return of nailblog and pickle the dog’s infamy. It works.)

      I still take pictures of every new plate, bottle and all that I would like to share. Upload them to the computer and tuck them away for “tomorrow”.
      With all of these new changes settling down, and leaving what was a very unhealthy level of stress at my job, I think it would be safe to suspect the real return of Nailblog and “tomorrow” will be today!

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