NOTD Polka Dot Sandwich

Today’s Nail Of the Day is a Polka-Dot Sandwich!

Using OPI “My Pointe Exactly”, Wet N Wild’s Spoiled in “Shuffle the Deck”, and China Glaze in “Heart of Africa”

Today’s NOTD was a super simple way for me to get the look of polka dots without much effort.

Some noted that the “sandwiching” of the glitter resulted in a glazed circus cookie effect- which is also more than perfectly acceptable for me. A delectable weakness of mine.

First I started with two coats of OPI’s “My Pointe Exactly” from the recent NYC Ballet Spring 2012 collection.

My Pointe Exactly is a super sheer grey which I’m sure many of you have seen numerous swatches of at this point. As soon as I saw the shade released, I knew I wanted to pair it with glitter or french tips.

How about both, you say? Wish granted.

I then used one layer of a Wet N Wild Spoiled glitter named “Shuffle the Deck”.

“STD” (oh dear…) is a decently packed red, black, and silver hexagonal glitter suspended in clear base. I then used one last layer of OPI “MPE” on top. This creates that fabulous “glitter sandwich” which not only makes the glitter appear as if it was a part of the base, but also makes it softly muted and super smooth.

Lastly, I used China Glaze “Heart of Africa” to french the tips.


So, what do you think? Does this look like polka-dots or like candy more?


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