Nicole by OPI “Mer-Maid For Each Other” VS OPI “Just Spotted the Lizard”


Nicole by OPI has just released a new collection exclusive to Targets nationwide. It is a limited edition display, titled “Back To Cool”, and offers a few re-runs and a few (not so)hidden gorgeous new gems.

I picked up two polishes from this collection: a pink/blue-infused gold (“For Gold Times Sake” seen HERE, link will open in new window) and the one seen in this post – “Mer-Maid For Each Other”.

The gold caught my eye because of how unusual it seemed and this one because I instantly thought we had yet another Chanel “Peridot”/Jessica “Iridescent Eye”/OPI “Just Spotted The Lizard” on our hands. Particularly that last one as it would be interesting to see if OPI simply repackaged the Lizard. I said it.

Them’s fightin’ words!

Nicole by OPI Mer-made for each other

While the rest of the display was brand newly stocked, this was the very last “Mer-maid” at my local Target…. Drama! Suspense! Intrigue! The best nail battle yet? …no, probably not. But the results are both unexpected and imperative to those looking to either buy/pass over this new display..


Just spotted the lizard comparison to for mer-maid for each other(clickable)Spotted the lizard nicole by opi dupe(clickable)Spotted the lizard opi dupeInteresting that the font colors on each of these bottles sum up their differences quite well…

You’ll soon see that NOPI is blue while OPI is olive-gold.

Brush shots!

“Lizard” on the left, “Mer-maid” on the rightMermade for each other nicole by opi nail polishNOPI Mer-made for each other swatches
“Lizard” on the right, “Mer-maid” on the left”Nicole by OPI Mer-maid for each other swatches


Equal opacity- both are perfect at two coats! All swatches feature three coats, for good measure.nicole mermaid for each other swatches

Ready to compare in full?

N= Nicole by OPI “Mer-Maid For Each Other”
O= OPI “Spotted the Lizard”

Mermaid For Each Other Nicole by OPIMer-made for each other nail polish swatchMer-maid For Each Other Nail PolishMermaid for each other nail polish

With Flash:Mer-Made For Each Other Nail Polish
Indirect, Natural lighting:NOPI Mermaid for each other swatch
(Clickable)Mer-Maid For Each Other Nail Polish Swatch


OPI “Just Spotted the Lizard” is a very olive-gold duo-chrome that shifts to green. A deep blue can be seen rarely, at sharp angles.

Nicole by OPI “Mer-Maid For Each Other” is a very green duo-chrome that shifts to blue. There is a gold shift in the middle of the nail, but in comparison to “Lizard”, it could be described as subtle. A deeper true green can be seen rarely, at sharp angles.

Nicole OPI Mer-Maid For Each Other Swatch


Points given-

“Spotted the Lizard” is one of the closest dupes to Chanel “Peridot” there is and is a much easier find than Jessica (for me anyways).

OPI can be found at several beauty retailers such as Ulta- stores whom continuously offer kick-ass coupons.


Points deducted-

Wouldn’t it be more pun-y if it was “Mer-MADE for each other”? I don’t think we need it spelled maid to understand what you guys are going for here. Mermaid, mermade. Marmalade?

The NOPI brush was softer and floppier. Not quite moppy, but when comparing the two I could tell a difference. ..Plus this NOPI brush was cut a little wopperjawed on the tip- easily visible slant!

Same amount of product. It appears same quality formula as well but NOPI averages $7.04 at target (not on sale) while OPI averages $8.99 at Ulta (not on sale).

Ugly boot bottles. ‘Nuff said.

If “Mer-maid” was not a Target exclusive, I would say it would be easier to find. However being exclusive to Target, I believe “Mer-maid” might be a harder find, especially in the future if not re-released under another name.


However “Spotted the Lizard” is part of the Spiderman collection. This makes them both not core products. So while “Mer-maid” could prove to be harder to find, I think it’s a neck and neck race for availability.

Dried in equal time and to same finish.

Full opacity for me was achieved at TWO coats for both, however all swatches feature three for good measure.

Both had an extremely easy to use, workable formula. Super easy to minimize brush strokes and absolute equal opacity.

Despite how it may look, they actually have an equal amount of color shift. “Lizard”s shifting colors are more contrasted (gold to green vs NOPI’s blue to green) making it only appear to posses a stronger duo-chrome effect in some pictures. They are both equally gorgeous and complex!


Mer Maid for Each Other Nicole Nail Polish

Verdict? You need both!!! Or at the very least, know that whichever you choose is no less awesome than the other.

**No Pickles were given actual swords in the creation of this post**



  • Jen says:

    OMG. I love how you present your blog. :-) . So adorable. I guess I will do to Target tomorrow and see if I can locate it.

    Will you draw me a Gigi :-) .

  • Tish says:

    No swords for Pickle?
    Every time I read a blog post from you I laugh and possibly pee on myself. I’m getting old, so what. Like you never peed your pants.

    Anyway, I go to Target 4x a week on average (GOD what an adventurous risky life I lead) and I swoon madly over this NOPI and Iris My Case. I’ve debated shoplifting. But then I’d probably pee on myself yet again.

  • Betty says:

    Mer-maid for each other is gorgeous…It’s going on my wish list!

    • Christina says:

      Yes! I was happily surprised to say the least. Very impressed with this round of NOPIs! This may make me check out the whole line more and more..

      Thanks for the comment, Miss Topcoat :)

  • Lauren says:

    This is funny because China Glaze’s new Bohemian Luster Chrome collection has yet another dupe of Lizard, called Rare and Radiant. Glad the NOPI polish is different (it sorta looks like a greener version of Mermaid to Order by Sephora OPI). :)

  • KD says:

    This seems like a dupe to the new China Glaze “Unpredictable.” Sadly, my target sold out of this color the morning they set the display out, so I don’t know if they are identical twins or not.

    I might have to go pick up the gold glitter though. The color shift is completely invisible in the store, I thought it was yet another gold glitter.

    • Christina says:

      From what I’ve seen, I believe this to be better than “Unpredictable” being richer in color with a stronger duo-chrome! But don’t quote me on that as I’m still waiting to buy it to compare them in person! C’mon, Ulta!!!

  • Jen says:

    Went to Target. Didn’t even find the display for this collection. Is there supposed to have a special display. But I guess it’s a good thing, because I don’t “need” any of these. And I bought 2 new ones on etsy anyway. Sigh.

    • Christina says:

      BOO! Boo on them. That’s one thing I wish would become much more standardized. A perfect example for me were the Maybelline Color show polishes. Those didn’t start popping up in my local stores until literally 4-5 MONTHS after I saw the first person post about seeing it at their own Walgreens. Ulta is the worst in their consistency of inconsistency, although at least their difference in times usually only amounts to days (and on the rare occasion- a week or two max)

      The display I found mine on was at the VERY bottom shelf, on an endcap of the very last cosmetics aisle. I truly only happened to catch it out of the corner of my eye as I turned to walk away.

      ( I hear you on the Indie polishes! I purchased Dollish AND Rainbow just today and it wasn’t a week ago that I purchased CrowsToes. Wallet says ouch :S But I’m excited to peep your swatches of what you got!! They’re always the most interesting to look at IMO)

      • Jen says:

        I don’t go to target much any more. But may be when I least expected it will be there. :-)

        I also ordered from a few places. It’s insane. I mean I am insane. Haha.

        Thanks for visiting my lonely blog. My pics are not as good and close up as yours. But with what I have, that’s the best I can do for now. And Gigi keep giving me the dirty look when I try to put my pretty nails next to her. Haha. God, I love my doxie.

  • Jessica says:

    This showdown did NOT end as I expected it would…innnnnteresting! I was surprised to see how nearly-identical the two are in-bottle but they couldn’t be more different on-nail. Thanks for doing the comparison for me as I missed out on the Lizard. Boooooo!!

    P.S. That wonky placement of the NOPI label is KILLING me! lol

  • Jeanatte says:

    I have the OPI polish and I adore it. Very interesting how they look so close in bottle, but out is a completely different story. I still might have to pick up the NOPI polish though. It looks lovely!

  • beachgal says:

    I am one of the rare folks who did not love, love Chanel Peridot – too much reflective gold in it for me and I am not a gold metallic lover. So with a ton of dupes – no need to spend the $$ for Chanel. Certainly the OPI “Lizard” is beyond close enough for most anyone but a total Chanel head. These 2 are very different. There is a Nina Pro that is yet another dupe for Peridot as well – it’s sold only at Sally’s…forgetting the name of it. Glad these 2 are different – I love comparison posts! I agree this NOPI looks a lot like the greenish one in the new ChG Bohemian collection.

    • Christina says:

      I saw that Nina Pro tonight!!!! (After reading your comment I wish I had bought it, just because you ironically mentioned it like twilight zone) I went on an Ulta hunt for the Bohemian Collection and they didn’t have it at any of them where I live.

      (On that note: I will never understand why every. single. time. I go into Ulta to ask if a particular collection has been put out yet, the salesgirl literally has not a single clue of what I’m talking about. Tonight’s exchange:
      “Sorry to bug you but I just checked out pretty much the whole store and wasn’t able to spot a new polish collection that was coming out in August. It’s the China Glaze Bohemian Line. Do you know if you’ve put it out yet or if it’s in the back or..?
      “Uuuhh.. is that like, glitter?”
      “No, Duo-chromes. Kind of like Chanel Peridot and the OPI gold-green-metallics?”
      “Oh. I have no idea. I don’t know what any of those are. If it’s not in our weekly circular we probably don’t have it.”
      “Well it is available for purchase online and I know it’s been spotted at other Ulta locations. Do you think other stores might have it? It’s China Glaze’s brand new collection.”
      “I have no idea”
      “Well what would you suggest I do? Just call them all?”
      “Yeah, cause I really don’t know anything about it.”
      “…Call them every week to check in or…?”

      OMGBBQ You work at ULTA. Please learn what polish collections are being released. I don’t care if you don’t know what they are or label names or anything else. Just please try to keep updated on what new displays are being put up in your store- or at least understand that if you don’t know something (that I imagine you should) perhaps get a second input from a fellow associate? I just want the people that work there to have a CLUE what I’m talking about. It’s as if no-one there even buys nail polish?? How is that possible? The exact same thing happens at Sephora. I went in looking for Nails Inc and the girl replied with “uuuhhhhh, what is it?” “It’s like… sprinkles way, lots of contrasting glitter in blue, white and brown bases. Like pink and blue in white. Hyped as a sprinkle topcoat? It’s been available on the website for a while now and was just super recently available for purchase in-store. etc etc” “I think I might have saw something like that up at the register.” Then she walked away. I’ll force myself to end this rant now. I just can never believe it!!! Minnie Mouse collection, Mineral FX, Neons, holos, stamping plates, moon candy, Seche Vite, you name it- I’ve always received a blank stare and told they don’t know what it is. END RANT!)

      so I went looking for Bohemian at Sally’s and there it was- the full collection display!!!

      I picked up the prospective dupe for the NOPI “Mer-Maid” and I’m going to throw up a quick comparison post tomorrow once the sun comes out :D Woo!!!!

  • rayron says:

    como eu fasor pra te ele

  • tlatrice says:

    I just bought Mermade. Can’t wait to go get my nails done. This was an excellent comparison. Now I’m on a mission to find “the Lizard”.

  • Victoria says:

    OMG I love your blog. OPI Just Spotted The Lizard looks like a dupe for China Glaze Rare & Radiant which apparently is a dupe for last year’s Peridot by Chanel and I LOVE it. It’s such a pretty duochrome. I recommend you try it if you like China Glaze.. which I’m sure you do!

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