Meanwhile in the lives of those who have nothing better to do….

Meanwhile in the lives of those who have nothing better to do….

I’ve been manually cleaning up a hack on Nailblog for a few hours now. Please excuse the construction, mess and temporary new layout!

Part of me maniacally laughs in satisfaction and gratitude at having the knowledge and experience to so easily contain and clean up such a hack, however; the other half of me rages at the people who have nothing better to do than be scummy.

Obviously there are sites out there with more important world issues at hand than nailblog however at my last job I’ve actually talked to those individuals and {literally} listened to them as they sobbed at the realization that their entire year(s) work being lost. Sometimes personal such as a site dedicated to new moms while other times animal, philanthropy and true to the heart causes. I can recall stories of people who lost irreplaceable photos and while some people who say it’s “their fault for not having backups” I disagree as it is the cyber-criminal’s fault. SHAME ON YOU WHILE I SHAKE MY FISTS – NOBODY WANTS YOUR PAYDAY LOANS!

I digress… stay tuned!2rdd9


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  • KD says:

    Was hunting today for Rainbow Honey swatches. Not many people do them anymore, certainly not the “big bloggers.” I really miss this blog and the fantastic swatches :(

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