Kleancolor HOLOS Collection Swatches and Review (39-picture-heavy!)

Kleancolor Holo Swatches

I recently picked up five new Kleancolor nail polishes (found HERE) and have swatches, review and breakdown of them for you today.

With holographic nail polish being so very in (add “forever” after that and etch it on my heart), I thought many people may be looking at Kleancolor’s holos and wondering how they stack up.

Firstly, try to get any linear images out of your head right now. These aren’t linear, they don’t look like Lisa Frank stickers or foil trading cards nor do they shoot rainbows. and it would do them a disservice if they were compared to such! What they are, however, is a collection of gorgeous, sparkly, scattering of holo dust -and lots of it- suspended in sheer color.

They are, true to company form, named very appropriately:

134 Holo Pink, 135 Holo Blue, 136 Holo Green, 137 Holo Yellow, 138 Holo Orange

(Mr. NB is behind me giving two giant thumbs up)

Klean Color Holo Swatches


All of these colors posses the classic Kleancolor smell, which is chemical and a little stronger than your average lacquer. It does not bother me, but it something to make note of.

They are also notably sheer, some more-so than others.

Kleancolor holos1 Equal Swipe Each on plain paper: Holo Pink, Holo Orange, Holo Yellow, Holo Green, Holo Blue

My rebellious, name-taking, anarchist side is very subdued today so let’s just keep it structured and go in order:

134 Holo Pink

KleanColor Holo Pink swatch

Holo Pink

Klean Color Holo Pink Swatch4 Coats Holo Pink

Kleancolor “Holo Pink” is a raspberry pink that is slightly lighter and slightly pinker on the nail than in bottle. No application problems.

To give a better idea of Holo Pink’s opacity:Kleancolor Holo Pink

With a lacquer of this nature, it can be super hard to capture just how sparkly it is. These truly give great.. bling? dazzle? zazz? They easily sparkle as much, if not more, than the magic you see within the bottle.

I also want to stress that, despite any pictures that may show differently, they are all equal in the amount they sparkle.

Shooting out of focus can really capture how a sparkle shows in-person.

Unlike linear holographic polishes, these retain their colors quite well regardless of lighting:

Kleancolor holo pink pictures4 Coats “Holo Pink”; Indoors with dim, indirect light.


135 Holo BLUE

Kleancolor Holo Blue swatch

Holo Blue

Kleancolor Holo Blue Nail Polish Swatch4 Coats Holo Blue

Kleancolor “Holo Blue” is an aqua blue which is very true to it’s in-bottle color. Oddly enough, this color doesn’t smell anyhere near as strongly as the other four. No application problems.

To give a better idea of Holo Blue’s opacity:Kleancolor Holo Blue Polish Review

Out of Focus Shots:Kleancolor Blue Holo Swatch

4 Coats “Holo Blue”; Indoors with dim, indirect light.Klean color holo blue swatch



Holo Green

4 Coats Holo Green

Kleancolor “Holo Green” is a light, spring green that is much lighter than expected and much lighter on nail than in-bottle. No application problems other than with opacity. This is the sheerest of all five colors.

To give a better idea of Holo Green’s opacity:

Out of Focus Shots:Kleancolor Holo Green 136

4 Coats “Holo Green”; Indoors with dim, indirect light.Kleancolor Holo Polishes

Brushes:Kleancolor Holo Swatches

137 Holo Yellow

Kleancolor Holo Yellow

Holo Yellow

2 Coats Holo Yellow

Kleancolor “Holo Yellow” surprised me in that it is much more of a gold color than anything. It is also the most opaque of all the shades, covering nicely on both coat one and coat two (only two coats were needed vs four coats with the others). I am not a yellow person yet this was one of my favorites of the lot.

To give a better idea of Holo Yellow’s opacity:Kleancolor Holo Yellow One Coat

Out of Focus Shots:Kleancolor Holo Yellow Nail Polish Pictures

2 Coats “Holo Yellow”; Indoors with dim, indirect light.

Brushes:Kleancolor Holo Polish Swatch Review Picture

138 Holo Orange

Kleancolor 138 Holo Orange Swatch

Holo Orange

Kleancolor 138 Holo Orange3 Coats Holo Orange

Kleancolor “Holo Orange” is a slightly burnt orange that is on the more opaque side. These swatches are all of 3 coats vs the 4 needed with the blue, pink and green. It is very true to in-bottle color. Yet again, this orange also holds true to the typical Kleancolor orange in that in addition to the chemical smell, it smells FRUITY! No application problems.

One interesting attribute I noted was that, unlike the four others, “Holo Orange” contained both small AND large holo glitter. (Arrows below point out the large hex glitters)

Kleancolor Holo Orange Macro

To give a better idea of Holo Orange’s opacity:Klean Color 138 Holo Orange

Out of Focus Shots:Kleancolor 138 Holo Orange Swatches Review

3 Coats “Holo Orange”; Indoors with dim, indirect light.Kleancolor Holo Orange Nail Polish Picture


In summation, I really do like these. There were no application problems and found them to be really pretty. Their finish is a bit dry and gritty, but any topcoat will easily fix it. I haven’t found myself wearing the colors straight as seen in the above pictures, but rather as layering polishes. They look amazing when you want to add something extra atop another color.

(Terrible picture but you get the idea)

Kleancolor Nail Polish can be found at various outlets online including Ebay/Amazon. I found a set of all 6 Holo colors (the 5 seen here plus a 6th; a dark purple I wasn’t aware of!) on Amazon for only $5.08: HERE

I buy mine in bulk (feels like Christmas). Pick out any 24 colors out of the entire Kleancolor line for $26.00: HERE

My helper returned for this post, and this time was not shy about making her internet-fame intentions known.



What do you guys think about these scattered holo polishes?


  • Jessica says:

    As with all of the other holo polishes, I love these too! Going into this post I just “knew” the blue would be my favorite, but I was surprised at how much I liked the yellow. I especially love how they look layered. Can you say “Yummy”?!

    • Christina says:

      I was really surprised too. Even when I was ordering them, I thought “ugh, do I have to?” and it ended up being one of my favorites. Goes to show, I need to go out on limbs more! It either pays off or is worth it as an experience in one way or the other.

  • Aerielle says:

    Loving the holo polish craze! Keep ‘em coming please!

    • Christina says:

      As long as companies keep making them, I’ll keeping posting! (I’m currently counting down the days until I can post swatches of all the new Laylas) I do hope Kleancolor releases more of these in the future. I would like to see them do a black, a red and a white.

  • CeCee says:

    I love the theme you use, it’s different and suits everything so well :)

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