Indie Thursdays! CrowsToes “Cheshire”

One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. “Which road do I take?” she asked.

“Where do you want to go?” was his response.

“I don’t know”, Alice answered.

“Then,” said the cat, “it doesn’t matter.”

CrowsToes Cheshire“Cheshire”

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Ah, the Cheshire Cat.

Definitely a popular Lewis favorite. I would say it’s a very close tie for my favorite between the Cheshire Cat and the Caterpillar (Disney’s version of Lewis’s Caterpillar that is). Actually, I intensely desired the alligator poem for a tattoo at one time.


Crows Toes Cheshire

CrowsToes seems to always make my wishlist collections. From Alice in Wonderland to, more recently, The Adams Family.

“Cheshire” comes from a small collection of CrowsToes Wonderland inspired lacquers.

Crows Toes Cheshire Nail Polish

“Cheshire” is a heavy glitter fest comprised of:

-Large Magenta Square Glitter (although the ones in my bottle are hexes – no squares to be seen in my bottle aside from the micro size)

-Medium Gold Hex Glitter

-Small Grape Purple Hex Glitter, Small Holo Hex Glitter

-Xsmall Magenta Hex Glitter, Xsmall Grape Purple Hex Glitter, Xsmall Holo Hex Glitter

-Micro Holo Square Glitter

Cheshire Nail Polish(clickable)

CrowsToes Nail Polish Cheshire Swatch

One Coat of “Cheshire” over a light pink (Ludurana ‘Marmorizado”)Cheshire Nail Polish SwatchCheshire CrowsToes PolishCrowsToes Cheshire Nail Polish Swatch
One Coat of “Cheshire” over a light yellow (Korean Brand)CrowsToes Cheshire Cat Nail PolishCheshire CrowsToes Nail Polish
One Coat of “Cheshire” over dark blue-green (Illamasqua “Viridian”)CrowsToes Nail Polish CheshireCrowsToes Cheshire Nail Polish(Mr. NB always points out the faces in my polish pictures. Check these ones out!)

***Keep in mind: I did not do any glitter placement in these swatches nor did I search for certain pieces. I could have done those methods to give you the “prettiest swatches ever” but I want you to really see what you’re going to be getting. This is what Cheshire looked like for me on the three separate occasions I wore it.***

So. Let’s talk formula on these babies.

If you haven’t heard, there are some people thrilled with CrowsToes formulas and others who aren’t so much. When I opened my bottle it was THICK. But this is what I expected and the formula type for Indies that I prefer. To me, thick Indies always mean A) Bang for your buck & B) Tons of glitter, no fishing & C) Minimal coats.

However; if you haven’t tried CrowToes, they aren’t “thick” in the sense you are thinking. The formula is not stringy, lumpy or un-leveling. It is simply very, very dense. CrowsToes uses pure, uncut suspension base.

What does that mean?

One thing is that these polishes are meant to be thinned to your consistency preference by you. I do not have as much experience with Indie polishes and thinner to give you a good recommendation, but I can tell you:

Do NOT use nail polish remover to thin polishes. This will ruin them.

According to my internet research, people are writing that Seche Vite “Restore” is the best thinner for this line. If you feel otherwise or have other suggestions, please leave a comment and let us all know!!

And what does this mean if you’re like me and will be using your CrowsToes fat and happy?

Careful, focused application. While it is thick, it dries extremely fast. That is where I had some trouble. Thick, uncut base I can deal with but when you couple that with fast drying time you can be in for some clumping and icky placement if you go into the battle unprepared. (What preparation is needed? Well, just knowing what to expect is 90% of the battle). So after I understood what this formula was and to move fairly quickly, I had no trouble with it.

I noticed zero curling, and no bleeding. Durability to the extreme, man. Removal? a bitch. Love it? You know it.

You can find CrowsToes at the LLarowe website:

Along with a ton of other amazing polishes, imports and Indies.

CrowsToes Cheshire Nail Polish Indie

Due to Indie polishes being created by hand in different batches, there seems to be several “variations” of “Cheshire”. By variation I don’t mean actual colors but rather ratios. Some bottles seem to have much more gold, others more larger pieces, and others are more holo heavy.

My bottle seems average on gold, heavy on holo and very light on larger magenta pieces. I rolled my bottle around as much as I could and swirled the brush around about 100 times to get an estimate on how many larger pieces my bottle has and, including the ones on my nails in these swatch pictures, I think this bottle probably has about 5. Ten absolute tops.

I’m contemplating adding large gold square hexes, as for some reason I thought this polish contained those and I was surprise to find out that I entirely dreamt that up with absolutely no reason. Hm. I suppose we really are all mad here.



  • This is one of my fave Crows! I wore it on my toes before, and I have been thinking of trying yellow undies with it – your pics solidify that foe me!

    Also? I loooove that quote from Alice. We totally need to be friends.

  • Katrina says:

    I have some clear polishes I use to apply the Crows and the like. I try to use ones with big brushes. I just stick the clear-soaked brush in the Indy glitter and it applies perfect.

    • Christina says:

      LOL! This is one of those moments where I look to my left. (slowly). And then to my right. (again slowly). And then I debate about just going back to bed until Spring. Duh! That’s a great idea!! And I bet it helps smooth out the “gritty glitter finish” even more.

      Katrina, you is a genius!

  • Jessica says:

    I kid you not Christina, I grew up in a tiny little town called CHESHIRE (MA)!! What a gorgeous polish with the same name as the place I call home. Thanks for putting a (Cheshire) grin on my face!

  • Love your review. I love how you are so honest and it’s believable. No polish is perfect and reviews that reflect that aren’t believable. Great job! Can’t wait to see mine on you ;) .

  • Also, I wonder if Lauri changed the formula…I got this polish when she was brand new, sold on BigCartel, and no one knew who she was so she was not sold out – at the time she had 5, and I picked up 4 (Bunny Slope, Black Diamond, this and Absolum). I am wearing it as I type this, and it has big Fuchsia squares that taco a bit (some I flip over to get it to lay flatter, others I just take off because they are HUGE compared to everything else), and I notice here, big purple hexes. I think I need to research this more!

  • [...] a new bottle (I did not even ask for one, she is awesome!) so I do not have it to compare, but see’s recent review of the new [...]

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