I’ve always loved giving gifts, especially those that are for no occasion what so ever. I’m the girl who still thinks physical mail is incredibly romantic and uplifting and who sends packages and letters whenever I care to everyone I can. I’m the girl that spends a few of her weekends putting surprises (the good kind ha) in people’s mailboxes and on walls for a passerby to find.

So naturally giveaways and contests were a top priority in creating this blog!


As of 8/1/12, there will be a regularly scheduled monthly contest in addition to any other giveaways held.


Win a bottle of “Suess” from Whimsical Ideas by Pam!!

Pams Whimsical Ideas nail polish suess Pams Whimsical Ideas nail polish suess

Open 7/25-8/2, all you have to do is click the link below and enter via Rafflecopter!


Fight Zombies!

Part of your donation will go to equipping my dog with shoulder missiles.

Lots of them.


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