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Franken FrostingFranken Frosting

Check out this Indie Line, after the jump!!

Franken Frosting Indie Nail PolishFrankenFrosting Nail Swatch

Franken Frosting is a brand I have fallen for. I first featured “FF” for the Halloween post if the picture above looks familiar to you (Halloween post found HERE).

Franken Frosting describes themselves as “Franken Frosting is a family owned business who love creativity and all things handmade :)

It appears as if there is a continuously revolving array of stock on hand at any given time which, at first, I thought was a not so great idea. Then, the more I looked, the more I loved. Each bottle is like it’s own mad creation; envisioned in the moment and filled with all of the creativity that type of process brings – filled with wonder and totally different from the next. Their Etsy listings further elaborate: “We try to make all colors unique, therefore, we will usually only make 1 to 3 varnishes per color.”

Everyone can say their bottle is Limited Edition OE, Baby!

First, let’s have “Dark Tainted Moon” make an appearance one more time…

“Dark Tainted Moon”Franken Frosting Nail Polish


Macrotime. (cue hammer music)

FrankenFrosting Dark Tainted Moon(clickable)
1 Coat “Dark Tainted Moon” over 3 Coats Lime Crime “Milky Ways”Dark Tainted Moon over WhiteFranken Frosting Swatch
1 Coat “DTM” over 2 Coats Sally Hansen “Mint Sorbet”Franken Frosting Indie Etsy Nail PolishFranken Frosting Etsy SwatchFranken Frosting Nail PolishFrankenFrosting Swatches

“Under the Sea”Franken Frosting Polish Review

FrankenFrosting Under the Sea - Copy(clickable)

1 Coat “Under the Sea” over plain blackFranken Frosting SwatchFrankenFrosting Franken Frosting BrandFranken Frosting 1 CoatFranken Frosting Nail Polish ReviewFranken Frosting 2 Coats

2 Coats “UTS” over black, no top coatFranken Frosting 2 Coats Under the SeaEtsy Polish Swatches

“Golden Spider”

Check out the “spider legs” !!!Golden Spider Franken Frosting SwatchFrankenFrosting Golden Spider - Copy(clickable)

1 heavy Coat “Golden Spider” over Lime Crime “Milky Ways”FrankenFrosting Spider PolishFranken Frosting Glitter PolishFrankenFrosting Glitter PolishFranken Frosting Indie Glitter LacquerIndie Glitter Swatch

What do you guys think?

I already have another order on the way ;)

Check out FrankenFrosting’s impressive gallery of polishes at her shop:



by checking out the facebook page:

Franken Frosting Blog Review


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