Color Club Holiday Collection 2012

From the Color Club 2012 Scented Holiday CollectionColor Club Holiday 2012

“Berry And Bright” & “Ho-Ho-Holly”

Get a little jolly with swatches after the jump!!

Color Club Holiday Collection

From the Color Club 2012 Holiday Collection, comes two scented polishes that blow me away with their radiance.

Color Club Christmas Collection

Shiny, Shiny, Shiny, Shiny

Color Club Nail Polish Holiday CollectionColor Club 2012 Christmas

“Ho-Ho-Holly” is a foily, flecky green offering true forest green, marine blue undertones and golden foil fleck. Smells as if you rode out of an Old Spice commercial on a pine tree.

Color Club Ho Ho Holly Swatch

“Berry and Bright” is a foily berry red, offering blue undertones, subtle blue and gold (at least I believe it’s gold, and comes off as pink underneath the polish?) foil fleck. I consider the color raspberry-ish. Smells like Christmas fruit punch.

Color Club Berry and Bright Swatch 2012

Color Club Christmas SwatchesColor Club Christmas Holiday Review(clickable)

Not only are these super shiny, strongly scented and very festive but they also offer fantastic coverage.

Figure 1. ONE coat of “Berry & Bright”:Color Club Berry and Bright Polish 1 Coat 2012

Two Coats “Berry & Bright”, No top coatColor Club Berry and Bright SwatchColor Club Holiday 2012 PolishColor Club Berry and Bright Polish Swatch

Put your sunglasses on and step out in the sun with me..

Color Club Holiday 2012 Berry and BrightColor Club Berry and Bright Holiday 2012

With flash..Color Club BerryandBright PolishColor Club Berry and Bright Christmas Scented Review

Two Coats “Ho-Ho-Holly”, No Top-coatColor Club Ho Ho Holiday ReviewColor Club Ho Ho Holly ReviewHo Ho Holly Polish Swatch

Color Club Holiday 2012 Scented CollectionColorClub HoHoHolly PolishColor Club Holiday 2012 Xmas Review

Yes. Yes. Yes. Just all kinds of Yes.

HoHoHolly BerryNbright Polish Swatches


  • Jen says:

    I like the green/blue one. :)

  • Gorgeous polish AND scented polish? Yes, I am in on both of these!!

    • Christina says:

      OH. YEAH. I really love them, I’m so hard on “single color” polishes with the influx of Indie glitters so it’s awesome when a “single” color tickles me enough to refuse to add anything more to it.

  • Berry and Bright seems to look pinkish in some of your indoor pictures. Not sure if that’s my monitor. Is it a true red color?

    • Christina says:

      Hmmm.. your comment really made me think so thank you for that!!!

      I think it was a mistake by me to call it “true red” in this post. It’s not a brick or blood red. It’s very cool and very berry-ish. In bottle it appears more “red”, however on my skin tone (I feel) it definitely runs into that pink/berry tone. The more coats applied, the more depth and deepness of color is achieved.

      I threw some more on as I type so I could pull up the pictures and look in person – then post – then person – then post – and I would say the most accurate pictures [that I can tell] is the very first indoor full picture (not the 1 coat one) and the previous, closer, more macro-y one.

      I’m going to edit the post now and further clarify! Thank you!

  • Marjorie says:

    Do you have Zoya Logan? Do you think that it would be a dupe for Ho-Ho-Holly?

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