China Glaze “Fortune Teller” Swatches, Review & Surprise

China Glaze “Fortune Teller”

For the Halloween season 2009, China Glaze released a limited edition set of spooky lacquers. They were (what else) Sally Beauty exclusives. “Fortune Teller” was one of them, and is a basic black cream base filled with glitter in the perfect shade of Halloween-orange. The glitter comes in three sizes, all hex shaped. All swatches are of two coats.

China Glaze Fortune Teller

So in adding graphics to my pictures, I felt a supernatural urge to give a shout out to Miss Cleo. Except, only upon googling “psychic” did I find the vast majority of my search results to be pictures of psychic cats:

They are taking over the internet. In fact, are you guys aware that if you google “cheeseburger” (that’s right, spelled correctly) instead of food the google gives us mostly CATS? Everything cats. Everything cheezburger network.

But on to the swatches and review as I have a special surprise hidden in this post!


China Glaze Fortune Teller SwatchChina Glaze Fortune Teller SwatchesChina Glaze Fortune Teller Polish

I used a normal topcoat in these swatches, so you can really see what this polish is all about without any misrepresentation or dilution. Once it dries, there is a slight grittiness to it. It isn’t bumpiness that I would point out the most with this one, as it’s really not bad, just a very dry to the touch finish.

To show texture:Fortune Teller Nail Polish BlogChina Glaze Fortune Teller Swatches 1
More bottle pics:China Glaze Swatches Fortune Teller Pictures(all pictures are usually clickable for a larger view)

I then ran around my house to dig up one of my favorites things to use in these swatch pictures. An heirloom “crystal ball” complete with mystical seahorse stand:

Nail blog fortune tellerFortune Teller review swatch polishChina Glaze Halloween Nail PolishChina Glaze Halloween Fortune Teller 2009Fortune Teller Nail Polish Blog

Polishes from this set are now extremely hard to find. The last time I saw “Fortune Teller” it was about 4 months ago on Ebay and was being sold for $15+ship.

But…. I see…

something in your future…

if you’ve been lemming for this polish…

or just discovered it an need it in your life…


And….“Can I borrow that when you’re done?”

(Sorry for the tip-wear, folks! Typing practically instantaneously gives me tip-wear, regardless of how I wrap them)





  • christa says:

    can it be true? the first?!?!

  • bebecakes says:

    DAMN! Just a few minutes shy! :(

    • Christina says:

      Aww :(
      BUT! Turn that :( upside down :) because I love doing spontaneous giveaways like this more than any other type, so just stay tuned! I know it will happen many times over in the future. I also have been hinting at them on facebook and twitter: so if you follow me on there, it will give you the advantage.
      Thanks for the comment, B!!

  • Gretchen says:

    I had never seen or heard of this one. It’s really nice. Congrats, Christa!

  • Gretchen says:

    Also, do I spy with my little eye the makings of a Spoiled Cougar Attack duel up there???

  • Rachael says:

    I just found your blog today and so glad I did! I’ve recently started into nail art as a passion of mine and I love finding others who love it too. I haven’t started a blog yet but I post some of my creations on pinterest. :) You have beautiful nails and beautiful swatches. Looking forward to seeing much more from you.

    Ps. Pickle is adorable. I have a mini doxie named Chloe.

  • Jessica says:

    LOVE the watermark on this series of photos! So perfect for the content. :-)

  • Susan says:

    I dig this polish. It reminds me a little of Cougar Attack from the Spoiled line. I have a bottle of that but haven’t worn it yet. I wonder how the two will compare.

  • Lee says:

    do u have any idea where else i can find this polish??? ive been looking for months and cant find it ANYWHERE!!not even ebay. :-(

    • Christina says:

      Oh no! This was a limited edition and I can’t find it anywhere either now :( You’d have to just happen upon it at this point. Since Halloween is right around the corner, I’ll keep my eye out for any possible dupes!

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