Lynnderella “Topaz Optimism”

Lynnderella Topaz Optimism

Straight from my mailbox…

from Lynnderella’s latest “Talismans and Birthstones” collection

“Topaz Optimism”

Lynnderella Topaz Optimism

See swatches and more after the jump..

Spoiled Yellows Comparison

Swatches, Review and Comparison of two yellows from the Spoiled line:

Spoiled Nail Polish Comparison“Designated Driver” and “Mind Your Own Beeswax”

See how these two compare after the jump!!

Indie Thursdays! Nail-Venturous “Humble-Bee” Swatch, Review & Shoutout to Marci

HumbleBee Ninja Polish Nail Polish
You are looking at the one and only, genuine Nail-Venturous “Humble-Bee”.
And if posts could sponsor anyone, this post would sponsor Marci (


“Humble-Bee”Humbleblee nail polish

Serum No.5 Swatch & Review of DAY GLOW!

Serum No5 Nail Polish Day Glow Swatches Review
***I am not affiliated with nor am I the owner or creator of this brand, if you wish to contact Serum No.5 including regarding this polish and where to buy, please see and***

If you have followed the Serum No.5 line since it’s recent debut, you will have noticed how quickly she has sold out (and is about to restock any day now!!) a lacquer called “Day Glow”.

And there is good reason for this.

Get out your glowsticks, sunglasses and house/trance/breakbeat/D&B/electronica/powerpop/glam/halloween music/mad scientist lab/astronomy kit/everything you need to prepare you for the best glow nail lacquer I have ever used.


Serum No 5 Day Glow Glow in the Dark Nail Polish“Day Glow”

You will want to see after the jump on this one…

NOTD Orly Neon Polish + New Nail Stamp Plate

I recently added another nail plate to the collection: Konad S3

Rainbow Honey “A Little Kindness” Equestria Collection Swatch & Review

I thought long and hard about the best possible way to present the (truly) incredible collection from Indie company “Rainbow Honey”. You all know how much I love pictures and with 8 shades that are WAY more versatile than I anticipated, it might literally be impossible to put it all together without having servers crash. Every server. All over the globe.

So I’ve split up the collection into a series of 8 posts. (Actually 8+ and counting as it may end up being many more than just the base 8. They’re that cool).

I’m also going to go against the grain and actually start this series with my favorite of the collection:

Rainbow Honey Nail Polish“A Little Kindness”


KleanColor Pastel Spring Collection 2012

Kleancolor recently released thirteen spring pastel shades. After seeing polishes come in the mail with names like “sexagon”, “twinkling cappuccino”, and “jailbait”, Mr. NB was beside himself with joy at how straight-forward this brand’s labeling department is.

In this collection there are six opaque shades and seven sheer shades.


Pastel Blue, a true baby blue that turns to pastel periwinkle under certain light.

Pastel Teal, a tropical water pastel blue.

Pastel Pink, a light carnation pink.

Pastel Orange, just like a creamsicle! (think Lime Crime’s “Cosmo-Pop” lipstick promo swatches)

Pastel Purple, a pretty straight forward true pastel purple.

Pastel Yellow, a beautiful buttery color.

Sheer shades: sheer pastel white, sheer pastel nude, sheer pastel pink, sheer pastel purple, sheer pastel brown, sheer pastel cocoa, sheer pastel gray. (Can you tell I’m not that excited for those?)

So today I have swatches of all six opaque shades!

See more after the jump…

Revlon Buttercup a dupe for Illamasqua Load?

Revlon Nail Polish in Buttercup


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