Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Franken?!

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy

There were about a million ladies who frequented a wonderland known as “Pinterest”; where everything is made out of home depot palettes and all the frequencies of the nail polish rainbow can be yours if only you have the eyeshadow for mixing. But not the expensive eyeshadow.. that’s not for delicate ears. So eyeshadow of the likes of Urban Decay and Mac were cast aside, never to be seen as nail polish for all the days of their lives.


..until you drop them for the 1,000th time and just by chance this time they break into a million pieces.

This post is dedicated to all of you who have ever wondered what Urban Decay’s “Midnight Cowboy” looks like as a lacquer – and for the saleswoman in Sephora when I purchased my very first Urban Decay eyeshadow telling me this color could be used literally anywhere. You creative lady, you.

Peep your eyes ahead!

Spoiled Yellows Comparison

Swatches, Review and Comparison of two yellows from the Spoiled line:

Spoiled Nail Polish Comparison“Designated Driver” and “Mind Your Own Beeswax”

See how these two compare after the jump!!


beetlejuice franken indie nail polish

What do Beetlejuice and this franken I have dubbed “Civil Service” have in common?


See more after the jump!!

Wet N Wild Spoiled Nail Polish Swatches & Review GLITTERS

Spoiled Glitter Swatches Review

Today I am continuing with the Spoiled line of lacquers, bringing you four glitters of the collection:

*Trust Fund Baby

*Pet My Peacock

*Jewelry Heist

*Shuffle the Deck

See more after the jump…

Spoiled by Wet N Wild Nail Polish Swatches in ARE MERMAIDS REAL? and SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE

Well it’s that time again. Time for more Spoiled Nail Polish Swatches! I figured I better get posting on these if I’m going to want to have that full-collection-finale post anytime soon.

Wet N Wild’s Spoiled Nail Polish Swatches

Spoiled Nail Polish Swatch CollectionAre Mermaids Real? & Shrimp On The Barbie

Wet N Wild Spoiled Nail Polish Collection Swatches

In this post I have plenty of swatches of two nail polishes from the Spoiled line.


Wet N Wild’s Spoiled Nail Polish Swatch in Use Protection

Spoiled Nail Polish
Today I have the last and final polish of the blue set seen HERE

Spoiled Use Protection Nail PolishUse Protection

Wet N Wild’s Spoiled Nail Polish Swatch “The Parking Meteor Expired”

Wet N Wild Spoiled Nail Lacquer Swatches

This is a continuation post of HERE where reviewing three at once turned into giving each polish it’s own feature. Today I finally get to show you “The Parking Meteor Expired” (because meteor makes it pun-y).

The Parking Meteor Expired

I love this nail polish. I want to marry it in Vegas. I would recommend it if it was $10 let alone $1.99. In bottle it appears to have duo-chrome shimmer, but I experimented with every light type and source and this is NOT a duochrome polish.


It is, however, a gorgeous, vampy, super shimmery emerald black…

Spoiled by Wet n Wild Nail Polish Swatches

Wet N Wild Spoiled Nail Polish Swatches

Wet N Wild Spoiled Nail Polish

Woo! I love featuring these spoiled swatches. I have a CVS right off the corner of where I live, so I swing by there often and always pick up another bottle to show you guys. I initially swatched three new blue shades for you but as soon as I got to “Deeper Dive”, I had to give it a little bit more attention. Hmmm… Halley’s Comet/Zoya Charla/OPI Catch Me In Your Net/Mineral FX-esque ?? ….

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