Revlon “Just Add Sparkle” Collection

Brilliant Bordeaux

Today I have two lacquers from Revlon’s Limited Edition “Just Add Sparkle”.

A collection that appears to bring us many more Deborah Lippmann dupes and plenty of appeal.


“Midnight Sparkle” & “Brilliant Bordeaux”

RevlonRevlon Just Add Sparkle Collection“Just Add Sparkle”

See swatches and more after the jump!!

Revlon Scented Treats Collection Swatches & Review

Macaroons? Light Candy Colors that include a mint-esque/seafoam shade? Chemical inhalation? Count me in!Revlon

From the Revlon Scented Treats Collection, today I present to you

Revlon Scented Treats Swatches“Mint Gelato”, “Fig Jam”, “Strawberry Cream”, “Apricot Pastry”

See if you can smell them through your monitor, after the jump!!

Tony Moly Swatch & Review GS08, GS09, GS10

GS09 Nail Polish Swatch

Today I have three polishes that have been on my wishlist for a very long time.

(Seriously, ebay browsing- you get me in big trouble)

One of these may look familiar as another Deborah Lippmann “Glitter in The Air”/Revlon “Whimsical”. Surprisingly, this one ended up being a bit different than “Whimsical”; but I’ll throw that out in front of you now and hope to bait you to lure you after the jump to see it later in this post.

From South Korean cosmetics and lacquer company, Tony Moly:

tony moly nail polish swatches“GS08″, “GS09″, “GS10″

See if you can remember those names all the way after the jump!!

Revlon POSH Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Revlon Nail Polish Posh

You’ve met Revlon “Royal”, now meet Revlon “Posh”.

Revlon “Royal” is an incredible cobalt blue jelly true to it’s “Royal” name.

(Review and swatches for this polish can be seen HERE)

I picked up the two of these when I was on the hunt for the OPI Spiderman Collection. They were two polishes that I had on my wishlist for a very long time, and both ended up living to my high expectations.

Revlon “Posh” is different. Unique. A primary green that reminds me of fox hunt needlework pillows and makes me feel like I should be wearing argyle in London. So for me, personally, I find this one’s name very fitting.

Revlon “Posh”Revlon Posh Nail Polish Swatch and Review


Revlon ROYAL Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Revlon Royal Nail Polish Swatch

By now I’m sure you’ve seen it, and it’s gorgeous.

Meet Revlon “Royal”.

This color, along with “Posh” (will be posting those swatches later tonight) have been on my wish-list for a very, very long time. Every trip to a drugstore or beauty store I would find myself sauntering over (in my head, I’ve got quite the saunter) and rolling them in my hands for a full 1-2 minutes before putting them back. It’s not that I wasn’t able to buy them, I just wasn’t sure. They’re not what I am usually drawn to, along with being a little bold and unusual (posh is a primary green colored creme).

Revlon Royal Swatch picturesRevlon “Royal”

Revlon Swatches“Royal” and “Posh”

Last Friday I headed to Ulta to inquire when the OPI Spiderman collection would be available to purchase in-store.

(Found out it was 5/6 (today!) and tweeted about it here: )

Since I wasn’t able to pick up the collection yet, I decided to grab these two on a buy one get one 50% off sale.

First up…

Revlon Royal Nail PolishSee MORE After The Jump!

New Layla Holo News & Revlon Flakies!

I know, I know. I just gave away all my goods like a cheap date right out of the gate with that post title, huh?

I have always intended for this site to focus primarily on swatches and nail polish. No fluff, no filler, no clogs or other items that you guys don’t want to come to a NAILBLOG(.net) site and sift through. However when I come across really exciting news, and this is exciting, I can’t be held back. I have been debating posting these news items for about three weeks now and I finally decided to break.

(Feel free to leave in the comments if you would like me to refrain from “news” in the future or not hold back on you!)

First up..

You all know my Layla love affair. Well…*angels singing*… Layla. Hologram. Effects. ARE RELEASING 8 NEW COLORS!

Layla Hologram Effect Swatch

So there is an updated chart of all the new polishes’ glory. I’m not sure how accurate these colors are considering what they show for Jade ( see swatches HERE ) but I’m drooling over “Coffee Love”, “Misty Blush”, “Cloudy Violet”, and “Gold Idol” (Dear Holy Nail Polish God, please let this be a glorious as I envision. I’ll totally let you borrow my rare Chanels, with no questions asked, if you do).

I haven’t found much information on their release date, but I will be sure to keep you updated with dates, purchasing venues and swatches.

Second order of news:

Flakie love. Revlon. Drugstore. Flakie Love. Say what?

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy

revlon moon candy

This double ended tub features a cream lacquer on one side and delicious iridescent flake on the other. There will be ten varieties (so far the ones you see above, however they have been known to make last minute changes). Names released are: “Universe, Galactic, Milky Way, Satellite, Supernova, Cosmic, Orbit and Moon Dust”. I don’t believe all of the decisions are final as the picture you see here includes a mock-up label amongst other proposed ideas. Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy will retail $8.95 each and is projected to release this August.

I have to comment that I don’t really like the direction Revlon is going with their prices. The newly released Colorstay polishes in the revamped cylinder bottles retail for $7.99 at my Walgreens (although I purchase them at Walmart for $5.99). That is the same ballpark as OPI, China Glaze and a bunch of other tried, true and higher end brands. Now these will be almost $10 including tax? Sigh. I wish I could boycott but I can’t. I am honestly going to try to purchase every single one, and maybe even some backups.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Spoiled Nail Polish Swatches & Review Featuring Ants In My Pants

Ants In My Pants & Revlon Facets of Fuchsia

NOTD Fishnet Heart

Konad Fishnet Plate NOTD

Today’s NOTD is a “cut-out style” fishnet heart

Using Revlon “Buttercup”, China Glaze “Black”, Salon Expert “Retro”, Konad Plate #M57, and heart stickers.
(I cut my own heart shapes out of tape but that was a long and arduous process which is not recommended)

Fight Zombies!

Part of your donation will go to equipping my dog with shoulder missiles.

Lots of them.


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