Son of a Peach! Is that you or Flip Flop Fantasy?

Son of a Peach compared to Flip Flop Fantasy

Ready for some camera zapping?


China Glaze “Son of a Peach!” VS China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”

China Glaze Son of a Peach Nail Blog Comparison

What’s the difference? See after the jump!!!


Lime Crime Orange Lacquer NOTD

I love how this looks in person so much that I’m making it Nailblog’s spirit animal for the day.

Using Lime Crimes “PEACHES ♥ CREAM” and a basic black from Sally Hansen.

Lime Crimes “PEACHES ♥ CREAM” is honestly one of top 10 favorite nail polishes. You can find it HERE for $5.99/bottle

Hard Candy Candy Sparkle Collection Swatches

Hard Candy

Candy Sparkle Collection

OM NOM NOM NOM NOM…Hard Candy Nail Polish SwatchesClick the picture (or “more”) for more!

Lime Crime Pastelchio Swatch & Review

Lime Crime Pastelchio Nail Polish Swatch

Pastelchio. As a lover of both pastels and pistachio, that’s an adorably clever name that knows my weaknesses. Everything considered, this was one of the colors from the Lime Crime collection I was the most excited for.

From the “Les Desserts d’Antoinette” introductory line by Lime Crime, meet “Pastelchio” !!!

Les Desserts d’Antoinette:

“7 pastel shades, inspired by confectionery delights from Marie Antoinette’s table.
Recklessly pigmented crème formula is rich, smooth and opaque in just two coats. Each bottle comes equipped with a flat, wide brush for superb control and flawless application.
Never tested on animals. 3-Free.”

lime crime nail polish“Pastelchio”

See full swatches and review after the jump!!

Revlon Scented Treats Collection Swatches & Review

Macaroons? Light Candy Colors that include a mint-esque/seafoam shade? Chemical inhalation? Count me in!Revlon

From the Revlon Scented Treats Collection, today I present to you

Revlon Scented Treats Swatches“Mint Gelato”, “Fig Jam”, “Strawberry Cream”, “Apricot Pastry”

See if you can smell them through your monitor, after the jump!!

Indie Thursdays Rainbow Polish “Taffy”, “Cupcakes”, “Monarch”, “Envy”

Sorry to say I’ve been sick and this week’s Indie Thursday is going up toady (Friday) but it’s so worth the wait! I am really realllllly excited to show you these and anyone who likes Halloween is going to need their drool cup..

rainbow polish nail polish

Making their debut two weeks in a row on NB Indie Thursdays is RAINBOW POLISH!

Serum No. 5 “Pretty in Pastel” Swatch & Review

Pretty In Pastel Nail Polish Over Pink

Who’s ready for some more Serum No. 5??

Today I have something pastel, something hex-y, something soft, something shimmery, something scale-y.


Oh, you shall see.

Presenting Serum No. 5

Serum No. 5 Swatches“Pretty in Pastel”

See Full Swatches, Layering Options, and Links after the Jump!!

Serum No5 Swatch & Review of “Mint to Be”

Serum Number 5 nail polish line swatches

To be, or not to be? If it’s mint, then check all the yeses!!

It’s no secret that I love sea-foam/mint polish. I don’t know why! It’s not even a color I am normally drawn to. I’ve never had the inclination to drape my furniture in hospital wall green but I will re-enact the Kohl’s “open! open! open!” commercial if you wave one in front of me behind a window. I bee-line straight towards them and have to have a debate inside my head to put it down even when I know it’s an *exact* replica of the 100 other mint lacquers I own.

So you know with a polish named “Mint to Be”, I’m going to include way too many pictures. In fact it actually took me about an hour to narrow them down to what’s here..

Continuing on in the brand new Serum No. 5 line is…

Serum No 5 Nail Polish“Mint to Be”

See swatches, review and more after the jump!!

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