Nicole by OPI “Mer-Maid For Each Other” VS OPI “Just Spotted the Lizard”


Nicole by OPI has just released a new collection exclusive to Targets nationwide. It is a limited edition display, titled “Back To Cool”, and offers a few re-runs and a few (not so)hidden gorgeous new gems.

I picked up two polishes from this collection: a pink/blue-infused gold (“For Gold Times Sake” seen HERE, link will open in new window) and the one seen in this post – “Mer-Maid For Each Other”.

The gold caught my eye because of how unusual it seemed and this one because I instantly thought we had yet another Chanel “Peridot”/Jessica “Iridescent Eye”/OPI “Just Spotted The Lizard” on our hands. Particularly that last one as it would be interesting to see if OPI simply repackaged the Lizard. I said it.

Them’s fightin’ words!

Nicole by OPI Mer-made for each other

While the rest of the display was brand newly stocked, this was the very last “Mer-maid” at my local Target…. Drama! Suspense! Intrigue! The best nail battle yet? …no, probably not. But the results are both unexpected and imperative to those looking to either buy/pass over this new display..


NOTD Grape Parade

Today, just a quick post while I work on the webpage and all of it’s widgets.

(the 10th circle of hell is wordpress plug-ins)

There should now be many more, and now much more accessible subscribe options! All those that error-ed before, are now fixed. Thanks to all who emailed me! You also no longer have to confirm subscriptions, which seemed to have been the biggest problem with the email feed. Feel free to email me all of your suggestions and problems in the future. I want this webpage to be fun, easy and super interactive so I always want to hear what YOU are experiencing!

Three coats of OPI “Gargantuan Green Grape” with a sprinkling of American Apparel “Meteor Shower” and ORLY “Bubbly Bombshell” swept upwards onto tips.


NOTD Cracked Neon

Today’s NOTD is A cracked neon.

(Pre-Top coat) This is one coat of OPI “Shatter the Scales” over three coats China Glaze “Pink Voltage”
Now with topcoat…
(Sorry about the clean-up, my hand wasn’t very steady that day)
annd… for kicks, Later that night I refreshed it with a Pink and Holo Glitter Topcoat (Spoiled “Pinky Glitter”)
This is definitely one of my favorite Crackles. For reference: I put thicker coats on my Index and Ring fingers, thinner coats on my Pinkie and Middle. Thinner coats result in finer lines and a more shredded look.
One of my favorite crackle combos to date!

OPI Spiderman Collection “Call Me Gwen-Ever” Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Gwen-Ever nail polish

Today, thanks to one of my favorite commentors, I have decided to post a few of my swatches of the OPI Spiderman Collection! They’re just been waiting around for me, and I think it’s overdue.

First, the back-story to make you lacquer-envious! I had been hunting this collection since well before it even came out. Superheros? OPI? The polish “Just Spotted The Lizard”?? Nailblogasm. Unfortunately I wasn’t having any luck. I would read someone recant their tale of finding it at Ulta, only to go in and have them tell me I was early. (Oh but they have them all in the back and this counter lady gets to “play with them and even take the collection home early and oooo it’s so amazing”. (Make note to Pickle: train to attack on command.. maybe become a cat burglar while we’re at it).

But, in maturing through life’s trials, I have become a relatively patient person. So I began to simply happily count the days, checking in at retailers every now and then. Then… fire..brimstone…pain..hurt feelings..money trouble..horrible day gone wild! And so what happened?

Mr.NB came home from work with the entire collection, including the shatter, to cheer me up. (And it’s not as if we have a bunch of extra money.)

Oh, mama. Be jealous, ladies.

opi spiderman swatchesShowing First From the collection, “Call Me Gwen-ever”

A color that is not what was expected..

Use those Spidey webs to swing in to see more including swatches after the jump!!

NOTD, Faux-nad MLS301 Look #8 of the Contest/Giveaway!

Swallows nail stamp konad q1China Glaze “Liquid Leather” was used to stamp the swallow/sparrow images from the MLS301 nail plate. Base is OPI “Stranger Tides” and Hard Candy “Matte-ly in Love” was used to mattify the tips. Feathers are from the Konad m77 nail stamp.

What I love about this image is that one doesn’t have to go through the trouble of transferring the stamp onto another stamp to get it’s mirror image. (A method used by a few veteran stampers when they want to get a stamp’s mirror image. A method I haven’t tried- it sounds exhausting ;) ) This plate already has two separate sparrows, facing each other (or away from one another), already ready to go!

So. you. can. ROCK. ON.Pickle likes to rock


 This is look #8/12 in the Plate/Stamper Giveaway Contest!

All you have to do is comment for a chance to win! Rules and details can be seen here: http://nailblog.net/notd-faux-naud-mls301-look-1-and-contestgiveaway/

NOTD Polka Dot Sandwich

Polka Dots (4)

Today’s Nail Of the Day is a Polka-Dot Sandwich!

Using OPI “My Pointe Exactly”, Wet N Wild’s Spoiled in “Shuffle the Deck”, and China Glaze in “Heart of Africa”

Today’s NOTD was a super simple way for me to get the look of polka dots without much effort.

Some noted that the “sandwiching” of the glitter resulted in a glazed circus cookie effect- which is also more than perfectly acceptable for me. A delectable weakness of mine.

NOTD Lace Fishnet

Konad Lace Fishnet Nail Polish (3)

Today’s nail of the Day is a lace fishnet

Using OPI “Wooden Shoe Like to Know”, Hard Candy “Sky”, Konad Plate #M57 & #M77

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