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Hear ye, Hear ye! Nail News!

…Not revealing what the mystery is just yet, but rather revealing a mystery soon to be… revealed.

Moving on. Check it out!!

Are you guys excited??

Rainbow Honey New Line Fall 2012

Update and Progress!

So if you haven’t noticed, Pickle and I have been (what I consider) quite MIA.

FEAR NOT! Pickle nor I nor Mr. NB have died, been involved in any wars, or lost the love for lacquer or blogging. In fact that last one may have intensified. I would catch myself daydreaming about blogging only to snap out of it with the classic cinematic sigh.

What’s been the deal?

I started a job at GoDaddy. For lack of better words, it’s been ridiculously intensive. So fun, but tough at times.

While I have always prided myself on having a pretty experienced technological background, something that I was able to present in my resume and many interviews later, I was knocked on my ass through training and even now find myself expending all of my mental energy on the job. I’m an animal, man. Hardcore. Can’t stop, Don’t stop, Won’t drop. Hoo-rah!

For those that believe the internet, websites, and coding are a series of tubes and notepad documents that simply line up? God bless your little heart and don’t ever lose that wonderment!

The job has been stressful for a number of reasons and I’ve had my share of calls where someone believed I couldn’t help them with their tech problem because either “I didn’t sound like I could” (should that be offensive? Quick, someone get me some form of feminist propaganda that I can beat this person with!) or the few callers who have assumed the voice on the other end of the line is simply a salesman (definitely not the case – we’re encouraged to not sell or recommend anything that isn’t needed. Pretty bomb ass cool, right? So there are aspects about the company such as that that I greatly admire and mesh with. I’m so not the salesman type. I’d rather give it to you for free than make you pay for it which results in me giving out the most coupons of anyone on the entire floor hah yikes and having about a 45 minute average call time teching absolutely everything with everyone that calls. I can’t help it! Scratch out OCD and call it “admirably thorough”). So training was intensive, with many tests and many nights of homework.

Now, with my training wheels off, it’s getting better and I’m on a schedule that actually allows me to see the sun! Imagine that! The past two months my training schedule while carpooling had me leaving my house at 7 and not getting home until 9 some nights.

So now I can enjoy the sun, my pictures can enjoy the light, my lacquer can enjoy the attention and my addiction can enjoy being shared. Yay!

While my schedule is returning to normal starting today, I’ll be posting a ton of posts that I have saved up. I also have a TON of emails to get to as well as re-joining the social networks of the world.

*feeble hi from across the room hoping I can rejoin the party*

I also have some AMAZING new products to show that I’ll be posting very soon. (I’ll give you one hint: one set is from a brand which rhymes with “Perum” and ends with “no.5″ and is a brand new fall collection with ridiculously unique stunners AND something called “Pink Lantern” that may or may be another glow in the dark. Be still, my beating heart!)

Readership numbers and traffic have still continued to grow despite the absence and for that I WANT TO AWKWARDLY BEAR HUG ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!! Thank you guys so much!


And with that I will close with Pickle, who has been pouting that her plans of internet fandom were momentarily paused:

nailblog pickle

Yes, yes we can.

1, 2, 3…. LIFT-OFF!

40% Off All Lime Crime Magic Dusts

I just this moment received an email from Lime Crime regarding an offer they are not publicly promoting until next week!

So I thought I would give you guys some inside scoop-

Starting right NOW all Magic Dusts are now 40% off!


Use the link above with code: MAGIC10

I also discovered OCC Lip Tars for $8.00 (originall $14!) while they clear out old stock for new packaging (same product, although some of these colors are limited edition/being discontinued!)

OCC Lip Tars

I know this is a nailblog, but I’m on a super strict no-buy for all cosmetics and polishes until next week. So I need you all to live through vicariously.

Updates & News


So while in between working on swatch posts (that include new nail mail today! Woo for 365 days of color! We’ll see how they work out..) I thought I would do a simple post for any of those out there that like to keep up on some polish news.

Normally this is stuff I would throw out on Twitter (let’s tweet sweet nothings at each other: LINK), but a lot of it deserves more than 160 characters.


New Lynnderella Release “Sweet Somethings For A Summer Solstice”

All drama aside, I just found out that Lynnderella’s blog is back up and running. I have very personal feelings regarding much of what has been said recently but THIS post, MY post, is just about sharing the new release and it’s swatches. Because information is always good! Do with it what you will.


Lime Crime Nail Polish

Lime Crime’s nail polish line was schedule for release today, 6/1/12. I had my schedule set to purchase them as soon as they hit the site this morning, but when I woke up found no polishes to purchase nor information about it. I Googled, still found nothing. I sent a tweet to them as well as posted on their Facebook and was told there was a delay. I’m still waiting on word to know further information, such as what kind of delay and the date of the reschedule.

They have updated their website with both pictures and pricing.

The Lime Crime nail polish line was launched with seven pastel shades, priced at $8.99 each. They do offer the entire set for a discounted $49.99.

Here are the new pictures and information posted to the LC website: **ALL OF THESE PICTURES ARE THE OFFICIAL LIME CRIME SWATCHES** Hopefully soon I will be able to show you how they compare to real life.

lime crime nail polish“Once In A Blue Mousse”

Described as “Pale robin’s-egg-blue. A color fit for a dainty princess!”

See additional pictures and information on the rest of this line after the jump!!

Rainbow Honey My Little Pony Nail Art

This should be clickable for super-super-big view! DO IT, DO IT!

So any guesses as to what this could be?

Lime Crime Nail Polish?


Lime Crime Nail Polish Preview (Clickable)

Lime Crime just released glimpses of the new promo shoots of their soon to be released line of nail polish.
Inspired and shot with (what else) sweet shop delicacies.

In order from left to right, starting at the top:

*Parfait Day

*Creme in a Blue Mousse



*Creme de Limon

*Peaches and Cream

*Milky Ways

(Reading the names as best I could off of the shot)

I had a feeling many months ago LC would be releasing a line of lacquer. My suspicions later felt confirmed when I saw a photo on the doedeere blog that included her dining room table covered in bottles of polish amongst pastry boxes.

I don’t know about you but I’m excited.

I’m excited when any company releases a line of polish for the first time. As you all may know, as much as I enjoy a dark goth eye and a vampy nail, I’m also very much into pastels and sweets. I hope she created these with a strong vision and that vision comes across as hoped. As soon as I get my hands on some, I will post a complete review and full swatches.

Until then you can check out some of the other beauties (lilac lips, anyone?) here: LIMECRIME

lime crime nail polish preview


**EDIT** 5/16/12

Lime Crime has issued another sneaka-peaka on their facebook:

According to the LC Facebook:

“Lime Crime’s debut Nail Polish collection, titled Les Desserts d’Antoinette, is scheduled to launch June 1! This is just a teaser; there will actually be 7 shades total.”



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