New Layla Holo News & Revlon Flakies!

I know, I know. I just gave away all my goods like a cheap date right out of the gate with that post title, huh?

I have always intended for this site to focus primarily on swatches and nail polish. No fluff, no filler, no clogs or other items that you guys don’t want to come to a NAILBLOG(.net) site and sift through. However when I come across really exciting news, and this is exciting, I can’t be held back. I have been debating posting these news items for about three weeks now and I finally decided to break.

(Feel free to leave in the comments if you would like me to refrain from “news” in the future or not hold back on you!)

First up..

You all know my Layla love affair. Well…*angels singing*… Layla. Hologram. Effects. ARE RELEASING 8 NEW COLORS!

Layla Hologram Effect Swatch

So there is an updated chart of all the new polishes’ glory. I’m not sure how accurate these colors are considering what they show for Jade ( see swatches HERE ) but I’m drooling over “Coffee Love”, “Misty Blush”, “Cloudy Violet”, and “Gold Idol” (Dear Holy Nail Polish God, please let this be a glorious as I envision. I’ll totally let you borrow my rare Chanels, with no questions asked, if you do).

I haven’t found much information on their release date, but I will be sure to keep you updated with dates, purchasing venues and swatches.

Second order of news:

Flakie love. Revlon. Drugstore. Flakie Love. Say what?

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy

revlon moon candy

This double ended tub features a cream lacquer on one side and delicious iridescent flake on the other. There will be ten varieties (so far the ones you see above, however they have been known to make last minute changes). Names released are: “Universe, Galactic, Milky Way, Satellite, Supernova, Cosmic, Orbit and Moon Dust”. I don’t believe all of the decisions are final as the picture you see here includes a mock-up label amongst other proposed ideas. Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy will retail $8.95 each and is projected to release this August.

I have to comment that I don’t really like the direction Revlon is going with their prices. The newly released Colorstay polishes in the revamped cylinder bottles retail for $7.99 at my Walgreens (although I purchase them at Walmart for $5.99). That is the same ballpark as OPI, China Glaze and a bunch of other tried, true and higher end brands. Now these will be almost $10 including tax? Sigh. I wish I could boycott but I can’t. I am honestly going to try to purchase every single one, and maybe even some backups.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Layla Hologram Nail Polish Comparison of JADE GROOVE and Mercury Twilight

Jade Groove Mercury Twilight
In THIS post (link will open in new window) I swatched and reviewed Layla Hologram Effect Holographic Nail Polish in “Jade Groove”.
I  did more than hint at a future comparison post and..

here she is!

Layla Hologram Comparison Swatches(Yes, I have a ton of fun on this website)

I think I’ll start it off with a picture sure to tantalize:

LaylaComparison Hologram Nail Polish

See more pictures and breakdown after the jump!

Layla Hologram Effect Holographic Nail Polish JADE GROOVE Swatches & Review

Layla Hologram Nail Polish Jade Groove

Layla Hologram effect jade groove

Today I am so, so very excited to present swatches of another Layla Hologram Effect Nail Polish. This time in 05 JADE GROOVE!

(I’ll also follow this up with a post comparing Jade Groove to another Layla holographic nail polish “Mercury Twilight”)

Are you asking yourself why the Asian theme? Because this is Nailblog, where anything goes. And I can.

Follow the jump for swatches…oh so many swatches..

NOTD Holographic Zebra

Zebra Konad Nail Stamp

Today’s NOTD is a Holographic Zebra

Using Layla “Mercury Twilight”, China Glaze “Black”, Konad Plate #M57

Layla Holographic MERCURY TWILIGHT

Layla Holographic Nail Polish

Layla Holographic Nail Lacquer in “Mercury Twilight” (& 1st post)

I am supposed to be working.

I am supposed to be waiting until this blog is further tweaked and designed to post.

I am supposed to be thinking of all the things normal, functioning adults think of instead of another polish.

I can’t. I must. You mustn’t make me. My brain is the polish monster.

What’s got me in such a tizzy?

Layla Holographic polish. All you lesser holographics should be ashamed!

Layla Holographic Nail Lacquer in “Mercury Twilight”.

This polish literally steals the sunlight, beams it into some futuristic loading dock, little hob-goblins re-forge it, and then they shoot it back at you in prisms of lucid liquid rainbows. This is the stuff Lisa Frank stickers and trapper keeper binders dream of.

Fight Zombies!

Part of your donation will go to equipping my dog with shoulder missiles.

Lots of them.


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