Nail Battle! Kleancolor Holos VS Wet N Wild Holos

wet n wild holo nails

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Kleancolor CRACK crackle polish in TEAL Swatch & Review

Kleancolor Crack Nail Polish

OPI “Spotted” polish, which is an “effect topper-polish” (is that a good term?) got me searching for what other types of “effect-topper-party-poppers” might be out there that I wasn’t aware of.

That’s when I stumbled onto… uh..ERROR ERROR HTML ERROR FONT REMOVED… (good job, Christina, for having the foresight to write it down yet not the care of keeping the paper). I believe it’s a nail polish brand that starts with a D (feel free to jump in, anyone) not from the US that offers a crackle polish a bit different than the crackle effect most of us are used to. Whereas most crackle effects are like weathered wood, this one offered clean lines and equal horizontal splitting. Similar to a tortoise shell!

So I went in search of {insert brand here} polish, only to find that I would have to do quite a bit of leg work and the cost would be $20 at minimum. I’m so strapped right now that I’m on a no-buy for air let alone another crackle polish.

Then I came across these swatches of Kleancolor “Crack”:

Courtesy of nailnoir.com

Courtesy of httpallthingsnails.blogspot.com

That’ll do, pig.


Green & Gold Holo Gradient Tutorial with the blog Pretty Face, Happy Bank!

Today I have a very special post, in collaboration with the awesome blog “Pretty Face, Happy Bank”! Not only does it focus on being frugal in our absurdly expensive world, but the blog owner is both gorgeous and sweet as a doll. She’s seriously one of my new favorite blogs and bloggers.

This week “Pretty Face, Happy Bank” is dedicated to wearable color tutorials and I got to create the look for a green gradient.

green gradient nail tutorialGREEN AND GOLD HOLO GRADIENT TUTORIAL

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NOTD A Glitter Sandwich with Kleancolor “Afternoon Picnic”

Glitter sandwich nail polish

Today’s NOTD of the day is a Glitter sandwich featuring one of my favorite glitters:

Kleancolor “Afternoon Picnic”

I acquired the full line of Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect Color + Care “Porcelain Finish” line. While I have yet to post full swatches of all, I have discovered they are awesome for not only color-cordinated frenches (such as HERE) but also glitter sandwiches!


Kleancolor Afternoon Picnic Nail Polish

See Pictures After The Jump!!

Nail Polish Is the New Windex (use on everything) and a Neat Holo Gradient Trick

Klean color holo nail polish gradient

Stepping aside from swatches for the past week, I have been finding myself discovering quite a few cool tricks. The necklace you see above is in the process of being revamped.

This metal cut-out pendant is one I have had for years, and it showed. Rusting, scratches and dings had it looking less than stellar. That actually caused me to stop wearing it, but I couldn’t bear to part with it. I have pat-rack tendencies. Then as I was painting my nails one of my favorite colors, Sally Hansen “Mint Sorbet” I had an idea…


Nail Polish Necklace Fix DIY


Kleancolor HOLOS Collection Swatches and Review (39-picture-heavy!)

Kleancolor Holo Swatches

I recently picked up five new Kleancolor nail polishes (found HERE) and have swatches, review and breakdown of them for you today.

With holographic nail polish being so very in (add “forever” after that and etch it on my heart), I thought many people may be looking at Kleancolor’s holos and wondering how they stack up.

Firstly, try to get any linear images out of your head right now. These aren’t linear, they don’t look like Lisa Frank stickers or foil trading cards nor do they shoot rainbows. and it would do them a disservice if they were compared to such! What they are, however, is a collection of gorgeous, sparkly, scattering of holo dust -and lots of it- suspended in sheer color.

They are, true to company form, named very appropriately:

134 Holo Pink, 135 Holo Blue, 136 Holo Green, 137 Holo Yellow, 138 Holo Orange

(Mr. NB is behind me giving two giant thumbs up)

Klean Color Holo Swatches


China Glaze FOR AUDREY vs Kleancolor PASTEL TEAL

china glaze for audrey comparison

The ever so lovely Jessica recently requested the comparison

Kleancolor “Pastel Teal” VS China Glaze “For Audrey”

china glaze for audrey comparisons

All I have to say is: Good eye, lady. Well played!

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KleanColor Pastel Spring Collection 2012

Kleancolor recently released thirteen spring pastel shades. After seeing polishes come in the mail with names like “sexagon”, “twinkling cappuccino”, and “jailbait”, Mr. NB was beside himself with joy at how straight-forward this brand’s labeling department is.

In this collection there are six opaque shades and seven sheer shades.


Pastel Blue, a true baby blue that turns to pastel periwinkle under certain light.

Pastel Teal, a tropical water pastel blue.

Pastel Pink, a light carnation pink.

Pastel Orange, just like a creamsicle! (think Lime Crime’s “Cosmo-Pop” lipstick promo swatches)

Pastel Purple, a pretty straight forward true pastel purple.

Pastel Yellow, a beautiful buttery color.

Sheer shades: sheer pastel white, sheer pastel nude, sheer pastel pink, sheer pastel purple, sheer pastel brown, sheer pastel cocoa, sheer pastel gray. (Can you tell I’m not that excited for those?)

So today I have swatches of all six opaque shades!

See more after the jump…

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