Green & Gold Holo Gradient Tutorial with the blog Pretty Face, Happy Bank!

Today I have a very special post, in collaboration with the awesome blog “Pretty Face, Happy Bank”! Not only does it focus on being frugal in our absurdly expensive world, but the blog owner is both gorgeous and sweet as a doll. She’s seriously one of my new favorite blogs and bloggers.

This week “Pretty Face, Happy Bank” is dedicated to wearable color tutorials and I got to create the look for a green gradient.

green gradient nail tutorialGREEN AND GOLD HOLO GRADIENT TUTORIAL

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Nail Polish Is the New Windex (use on everything) and a Neat Holo Gradient Trick

Klean color holo nail polish gradient

Stepping aside from swatches for the past week, I have been finding myself discovering quite a few cool tricks. The necklace you see above is in the process of being revamped.

This metal cut-out pendant is one I have had for years, and it showed. Rusting, scratches and dings had it looking less than stellar. That actually caused me to stop wearing it, but I couldn’t bear to part with it. I have pat-rack tendencies. Then as I was painting my nails one of my favorite colors, Sally Hansen “Mint Sorbet” I had an idea…


Nail Polish Necklace Fix DIY


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