Indie Thursdays! Borough Babe Made

Borough Babe

Borough Babe “Fish Scales”

A polish I drooled over from afar for at least 6 months. I never dove in and tried it because I felt like it was one of those polishes that would be heavily disappointing and all I had to go off of was the bottle. I wont lie; the low amount of sales also made me think “there must be some reason people aren’t buying”. Which is 100% against my usual way of thinking and personal philosophies but nevertheless it was what it was and I stalked it from afar…

Well I finally broke down and decided I needed to try it.

Presenting…fish scales nail polish

Find out if this is a hidden jewel in the ocean after the jump!!!

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “In a Flurry” Swatch & Review

Sally Hansen In A Flurry Swatch“In A Flurry”


Check out the flaky duochrome shimmer purple flash goodness AFTER THE JUMP!!

Serum No5 Debut Line! Swatches & Review of “Spring Into Love”

Deborah Lippmann Pink Mermaids Dream

Today I have an incredible polish and a super special post.

The wonderful and charming visionary behind the brand new line Serum No5 contacted me to review her debut line.

You all know me, I went into this wanting to show the entire collection in one post. But I just can’t do that. It would be such a disservice! These polishes deserve more!

To show you what I mean, let me introduce you to one of my favorite lacquers of the line in the first of many Serum No5 swatch posts..

Serum No5 Swatches“Spring Into Love”

Look familiar? As soon as I saw this polish I knew a holy grail was upon us. This is Deborah Lippmann’s “Mermaid’s Dream” ..IN PINK. Pink! Purple Hexes! And a hell of a lot more affordable and accessible. So are you listening? Calling all mermaids to stay tuned to see more after the jump..

Indie Thursdays 365 Days of Color Swatch and Review of Birthday Bash

365 days birthday bash review

You may or may not have noticed but I’ve resumed working on the webpage which includes setting up a lot of original plans such as “Indie Thursday”

Say what?

Oh, mama.

To kick off “Indie Thursdays” here are full swatches and review of 365 Days of Color “Birthday Bash”

365 Days of Color describes “BB” as:

“Who doesnt love birthdays?? I know I do. this reminds me of a birthday party, filled with confetti glitter!!! There are multicolored shredded glitter in this polish along with fine turquoise glitter all suspended in a white base. Which let me tell ya, white base glitters are my favorite!!!!!”

365daysofcolor swatches“Birthday Bash”

See swatches, review and links after the jump!!

NOTD Grape Parade

Today, just a quick post while I work on the webpage and all of it’s widgets.

(the 10th circle of hell is wordpress plug-ins)

There should now be many more, and now much more accessible subscribe options! All those that error-ed before, are now fixed. Thanks to all who emailed me! You also no longer have to confirm subscriptions, which seemed to have been the biggest problem with the email feed. Feel free to email me all of your suggestions and problems in the future. I want this webpage to be fun, easy and super interactive so I always want to hear what YOU are experiencing!

Three coats of OPI “Gargantuan Green Grape” with a sprinkling of American Apparel “Meteor Shower” and ORLY “Bubbly Bombshell” swept upwards onto tips.


New Lynnderella Release “Sweet Somethings For A Summer Solstice”

All drama aside, I just found out that Lynnderella’s blog is back up and running. I have very personal feelings regarding much of what has been said recently but THIS post, MY post, is just about sharing the new release and it’s swatches. Because information is always good! Do with it what you will.


New Layla Holo News & Revlon Flakies!

I know, I know. I just gave away all my goods like a cheap date right out of the gate with that post title, huh?

I have always intended for this site to focus primarily on swatches and nail polish. No fluff, no filler, no clogs or other items that you guys don’t want to come to a NAILBLOG(.net) site and sift through. However when I come across really exciting news, and this is exciting, I can’t be held back. I have been debating posting these news items for about three weeks now and I finally decided to break.

(Feel free to leave in the comments if you would like me to refrain from “news” in the future or not hold back on you!)

First up..

You all know my Layla love affair. Well…*angels singing*… Layla. Hologram. Effects. ARE RELEASING 8 NEW COLORS!

Layla Hologram Effect Swatch

So there is an updated chart of all the new polishes’ glory. I’m not sure how accurate these colors are considering what they show for Jade ( see swatches HERE ) but I’m drooling over “Coffee Love”, “Misty Blush”, “Cloudy Violet”, and “Gold Idol” (Dear Holy Nail Polish God, please let this be a glorious as I envision. I’ll totally let you borrow my rare Chanels, with no questions asked, if you do).

I haven’t found much information on their release date, but I will be sure to keep you updated with dates, purchasing venues and swatches.

Second order of news:

Flakie love. Revlon. Drugstore. Flakie Love. Say what?

Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy

revlon moon candy

This double ended tub features a cream lacquer on one side and delicious iridescent flake on the other. There will be ten varieties (so far the ones you see above, however they have been known to make last minute changes). Names released are: “Universe, Galactic, Milky Way, Satellite, Supernova, Cosmic, Orbit and Moon Dust”. I don’t believe all of the decisions are final as the picture you see here includes a mock-up label amongst other proposed ideas. Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy will retail $8.95 each and is projected to release this August.

I have to comment that I don’t really like the direction Revlon is going with their prices. The newly released Colorstay polishes in the revamped cylinder bottles retail for $7.99 at my Walgreens (although I purchase them at Walmart for $5.99). That is the same ballpark as OPI, China Glaze and a bunch of other tried, true and higher end brands. Now these will be almost $10 including tax? Sigh. I wish I could boycott but I can’t. I am honestly going to try to purchase every single one, and maybe even some backups.

Exciting, isn’t it?

essie luxeffects Collection Fall 2011


Essie Luxeffects Swatches

essie nail polish Swatches

“as gold as it gets” * “shine of the times” * “a cut above”

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