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Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Franken?!

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy

There were about a million ladies who frequented a wonderland known as “Pinterest”; where everything is made out of home depot palettes and all the frequencies of the nail polish rainbow can be yours if only you have the eyeshadow for mixing. But not the expensive eyeshadow.. that’s not for delicate ears. So eyeshadow of the likes of Urban Decay and Mac were cast aside, never to be seen as nail polish for all the days of their lives.


..until you drop them for the 1,000th time and just by chance this time they break into a million pieces.

This post is dedicated to all of you who have ever wondered what Urban Decay’s “Midnight Cowboy” looks like as a lacquer – and for the saleswoman in Sephora when I purchased my very first Urban Decay eyeshadow telling me this color could be used literally anywhere. You creative lady, you.

Peep your eyes ahead!


beetlejuice franken indie nail polish

What do Beetlejuice and this franken I have dubbed “Civil Service” have in common?


See more after the jump!!

Nail Polish Is the New Windex (use on everything) and a Neat Holo Gradient Trick

Klean color holo nail polish gradient

Stepping aside from swatches for the past week, I have been finding myself discovering quite a few cool tricks. The necklace you see above is in the process of being revamped.

This metal cut-out pendant is one I have had for years, and it showed. Rusting, scratches and dings had it looking less than stellar. That actually caused me to stop wearing it, but I couldn’t bear to part with it. I have pat-rack tendencies. Then as I was painting my nails one of my favorite colors, Sally Hansen “Mint Sorbet” I had an idea…


Nail Polish Necklace Fix DIY


NOTD, Faux-nad MLS301 Look #11 & #12 of the Contest/Giveaway!

So this is the final post to wrap up the first monthly giveaway on NailBlog!

Today was the last scheduled day for voting, and I learned a lot in how to better improve these giveaways in the future. Such as scheduling the posts beforehand rather than posting them in real-time. Since it came so late, I decided to combine both #11 and #12 into one post. Commenting once on this post will automatically gain you two entries! I decided to also extend the deadline by a day, allowing “late” comments since I was late in my posting. Anyone that comments before TOMORROW at midnight will still get their entries on this!

LOOK #11

This is one that (while it has it’s problems) looks much, much cuter in person. Trust me!

First I used two coats of Revlon “Royal” as the base. I then stamped a fishnet pattern using a white polish and covered it all with one coat of Revlon “Whimsical”. I have done this in the past and once this combination is mattified it looks like incredible little glazed sweets! I ended up going a different way with this look than intended, so all of that ended up being detrimental if anything. I then used a cream color to paint “hippie flowers”.

Placing dots along the edge turns them into doily like cookies. After all this had dried I then took China Glaze “Leather Black” and stamped various sweets from the MLS301 plate.

What continues to be a challenge for my stamping is evident here. Blast that placement! I will persevere, however, and continue on the righteous path of Konading. Almost like a right-handed batter who swings too left, I need to compensate for always placing them too high.

LOOK #12

So Mr. NB really wanted to get in on the fun, and asked if he could help the contest. I thought it would be awesome if he would do the final look #12 using the MLS 301 plate.

This is his contribution.

Not exactly what I expected.

You can tell this a boy did this.


There’s a horse that says “I <3 ice-cream” (who’s also been to prison as “evident by his prison teardrop eye tattoo”), a bird shooting lasers, super-power pigs, and a horse with “battle scars”. (Hey! We finally found a good use for the leopard rip!)

I wanted to get in on it too, so the “Kosher” pig is mine. I thought it was funny. A teenage pig raised to be Kosher, rebelling against it all. A swine without a cause. I stood alone in this humor.

I also felt the prison horse needed candy in his belly. He looked hungry and sad from having slug optical-tentacles for ears.

But, this does show a very crafty use for nail stamps! I’ve seen talk of using nail polish on jewelry and even on the bottom of shoes to add zazz.. *gasp* One could do the same with nail stamps! Add a design or stamp to anything…phone covers? Sunglasses? People’s faces as they’re sleeping? Just remember to seal your masterpiece afterwards.

This is look #11/12 & #12/12 in the Plate/Stamper Giveaway Contest!

All you have to do is comment for a chance to win! Rules and details can be seen here:

Fight Zombies!

Part of your donation will go to equipping my dog with shoulder missiles.

Lots of them.


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