Son of a Peach! Is that you or Flip Flop Fantasy?

Son of a Peach compared to Flip Flop Fantasy

Ready for some camera zapping?


China Glaze “Son of a Peach!” VS China Glaze “Flip Flop Fantasy”

China Glaze Son of a Peach Nail Blog Comparison

What’s the difference? See after the jump!!!

Spoiled Yellows Comparison

Swatches, Review and Comparison of two yellows from the Spoiled line:

Spoiled Nail Polish Comparison“Designated Driver” and “Mind Your Own Beeswax”

See how these two compare after the jump!!

PIBBLE POLISH Swatch & Review!

I have the most awesome new indie line to show you:

Pibble Polish

” Unique lacquers inspired by rescue dogs everywhere! “

So why am I so excited? Let me tell you. These polishes are gorgeous. And so unique! That is something that is getting harder and harder to do in the Indie Market but Pibble Polish nails it. The entire line is inspired by rescue dogs, particularly the creator’s current rescue dog – a pitbull “Moo”. Yes. That is a rescue pit-bull named MOO. Pickle just squeaked and fainted (in a good way).

PresentingPibble Polish Nail Polish“Rolling in the Leaves”, Chasing Squirrels in My Dreams”, “Faithful Friend”, and “Heart of Gold”

Control your tails and meet me after the jump!!

Serum No5 Swatch & Review of “Mint to Be”

Serum Number 5 nail polish line swatches

To be, or not to be? If it’s mint, then check all the yeses!!

It’s no secret that I love sea-foam/mint polish. I don’t know why! It’s not even a color I am normally drawn to. I’ve never had the inclination to drape my furniture in hospital wall green but I will re-enact the Kohl’s “open! open! open!” commercial if you wave one in front of me behind a window. I bee-line straight towards them and have to have a debate inside my head to put it down even when I know it’s an *exact* replica of the 100 other mint lacquers I own.

So you know with a polish named “Mint to Be”, I’m going to include way too many pictures. In fact it actually took me about an hour to narrow them down to what’s here..

Continuing on in the brand new Serum No. 5 line is…

Serum No 5 Nail Polish“Mint to Be”

See swatches, review and more after the jump!!

Lime Crime Nail Polish “PEACHES ♥ CREAM” Swatches & Review

Lime Crime Nail Polish Swatches

*Warning: Picture Heavy!*

Continuing on with swatches of the brand new Lime Crime Nail Polish Line “Les Desserts d’Antoinette”, I have full swatches and review of “Peaches ♥ Cream”!!!

From the website:

“7 pastel shades, inspired by confectionery delights from Marie Antoinette’s table.
Recklessly pigmented crème formula is rich, smooth and opaque in just two coats. Each bottle comes equipped with a flat, wide brush for superb control and flawless application.
Never tested on animals. 3-Free.”


See full swatches and review after the jump!!

Lime Crime “Milky Ways” Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Guess what I have for you, lovelies!

A little blurb from their website:

7 pastel shades, inspired by confectionery delights from Marie Antoinette’s table.
Recklessly pigmented crème formula is rich, smooth and opaque in just two coats. Each bottle comes equipped with a flat, wide brush for superb control and flawless application.
Never tested on animals. 3-Free.

I originally intended to purchase the entire Lime Crime debut nail polish line titled “Les Desserts d’Antoinette”. Unfortunately I was only able to pick up “Milky Ways” and “Pastelchio”. I know many of you have said you are waiting for swatches before purchasing, so here are two to start.

today features swatches and review of “Milky Ways”!Lime Crime Nail Polish Swatches“Milky Ways”

The Lime Crime website describes “Milky Ways” as: cream off-white french tip nail polish. Opaque cream. Great for doing accents, half-moon and french tip manicures!

See Swatches, Review, and picture-overload after the jump!!

OPI Spiderman Collection “Call Me Gwen-Ever” Nail Polish Swatch & Review

Gwen-Ever nail polish

Today, thanks to one of my favorite commentors, I have decided to post a few of my swatches of the OPI Spiderman Collection! They’re just been waiting around for me, and I think it’s overdue.

First, the back-story to make you lacquer-envious! I had been hunting this collection since well before it even came out. Superheros? OPI? The polish “Just Spotted The Lizard”?? Nailblogasm. Unfortunately I wasn’t having any luck. I would read someone recant their tale of finding it at Ulta, only to go in and have them tell me I was early. (Oh but they have them all in the back and this counter lady gets to “play with them and even take the collection home early and oooo it’s so amazing”. (Make note to Pickle: train to attack on command.. maybe become a cat burglar while we’re at it).

But, in maturing through life’s trials, I have become a relatively patient person. So I began to simply happily count the days, checking in at retailers every now and then. Then… fire..brimstone…pain..hurt trouble..horrible day gone wild! And so what happened?

Mr.NB came home from work with the entire collection, including the shatter, to cheer me up. (And it’s not as if we have a bunch of extra money.)

Oh, mama. Be jealous, ladies.

opi spiderman swatchesShowing First From the collection, “Call Me Gwen-ever”

A color that is not what was expected..

Use those Spidey webs to swing in to see more including swatches after the jump!!

Lime Crime Nail Polish

Lime Crime’s nail polish line was schedule for release today, 6/1/12. I had my schedule set to purchase them as soon as they hit the site this morning, but when I woke up found no polishes to purchase nor information about it. I Googled, still found nothing. I sent a tweet to them as well as posted on their Facebook and was told there was a delay. I’m still waiting on word to know further information, such as what kind of delay and the date of the reschedule.

They have updated their website with both pictures and pricing.

The Lime Crime nail polish line was launched with seven pastel shades, priced at $8.99 each. They do offer the entire set for a discounted $49.99.

Here are the new pictures and information posted to the LC website: **ALL OF THESE PICTURES ARE THE OFFICIAL LIME CRIME SWATCHES** Hopefully soon I will be able to show you how they compare to real life.

lime crime nail polish“Once In A Blue Mousse”

Described as “Pale robin’s-egg-blue. A color fit for a dainty princess!”

See additional pictures and information on the rest of this line after the jump!!

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