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In a seemingly normal city in the Southwest United States, one woman stood alone. Armed only with a dream and some bottles of nail polish she stepped out under the clear night sky and looked up, noticing the planets had aligned and the Earth’s rotation and axis were at just the right tilt and speed, and with her loyal sidekick Pickle the Daring Dachshund at her side, she made a decision. The time was right to unleash the combined power of her love of polish and her artistic vision. The time was right to reveal her talents and interests to the world. The time was right for was conceptualized and created by Christina, a mixed media artist living in the Phoenix Arizona area. She has always been creative and artistic, and loves the opportunity to translate this into original, wearable nail art. Christina is a vegetarian, humanitarian, animal rights advocate, and all-around genuinely good person. She also enjoys long walks on the beach, loving and caring for animals, making the best burritos known to mankind, and opening the mailbox and seeing it full of… anything. Junk mail included. She would probably get excited if there was a random pine cone in her mailbox.

Christina shares her journey through this life with the fore-mentioned Pickle, a 5 (almost 6!) year old Dachshund who has the uncanny ability to warm any heart that comes within 15 feet of her, is obsessed with anything round, and who has her own page here; and her fiance (fiancee? Whatever the male version is…?) loves robots and works as a domain name broker at a large company in Phoenix. She spends time daily looking for new nail polishes to share and planning future giveaways. Christina started this blog in hopes of having a creative outlet for her nail art and being able to share knowledge and experience with the populace of polish-loving people of the planet.

~ Mr. NB

A few favorite things aside from spending hours making snow angels in nail polish bottles: Dethklok, Adventure time, VNV Nation, Perfect Circle, Daft Punk, the entire genre of blues, and not feeling narcissistic by keeping favorite-things-lists to a minimum when allowable. I love things such as comic books and the hilarity of pulp fiction (hence the website theme), star wars, explosions, mtg and video games plus a lot of other general science geekiness.

I squeal for dachshunds, break for animals everything and live for art, better-world philosophy, and all things cherry flavored. I’m still growing and learning about myself, and hope to do so with a feverish passion.

I try my best to take life in stride as I believe it is truly about simplicity, love and happiness.

The phrase “polish collection obsession” is an understatement and while I thought this blog would satiate it, it’s only caused it to grow exponentially. Little glass potion bottles full of chemical and wonderment, I love you.


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