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If interested in having your product reviewed or for advertising needs, please email Christina at

Detailed influence stats are available to companies upon request. As of 11/2012, receives an average of 30,000 unique hits per month not including RSS feeds.


The usual disclosures are fully abided by me:

I accept all types of products for review. I do not guarantee positive nor negative reviews as I will always state my open and honest opinion on any and all products featured on this website. If a product was sent by a company for review, it will be stated so in the product post. While I make no guarantees, I intend to write reviews on any and all products sent to me to better provide the public with as much information as they can possibly find. This includes if my opinion of the product is negative or positive. I retain full editorial control of this website, also including and in addition to full disclosure and the order in which products received are reviewed.

I also reserve the right to moderate any and all content submitted to this site including comments. This includes, but is not limited to, moderating, deleting, and editing comments. What this mainly means for you is that I do not condone bullying nor attacking. If I find something submitted to be unnecessary, targeting, rude, slandering, hateful, etc, especially if it is directed at another reader, then I will delete your comment. You are welcome to return and rephrase your comment more civilly, and I in return will happily publish your rephrased comment if it abides by the rules I have set forth for this site. Aside from content that I find rude, slandering and otherwise hateful, I will not choose to censor you. (IE. if you would like to point out a dupe for a nail polish reviewed. I welcome that!)

Affiliate links are used by my website. I also use non-affiliate links just as equally. This is not something I am trying to hide, but I may not always point out if a link is an affiliate one or not. You are welcomed to ask if you would like to know what in a post is affiliate and what isn’t. Because my agenda is to participate in the nail polish community and provide a fun, interactive and informative site- this priority will come first. If I find a better price on a website I am not affiliated with, I will use the non-affiliate link. If you see an affiliate link, it is because I believe in the product/website/pricing and believe it to be the best/easiest/affordable location and most likely one that I use as well. It is a very common misconception that websites whom generate substantial traffic make money. It is important to keep in mind that traffic does not necessarily equal profit and that the vast majority of blogs out there are run out of the love for whatever content the blog owner is interested in. Trying to offset hosting costs as well as a number of other expenses are usually why bloggers use Affiliate links.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to email me at



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